HousingisKey.com application California (Eligibility, Requirements)

What is housingiskey.com application?

The California Covid-19 rent relief program helps landlords and tenants pay 100% of their rents and utilities. Tenant eviction is the current concern for many during these times, and to prevent it, the government has initiated this program.

Tenants who are about to get evicted are given importance compared to those who still have some time. Unpaid rents would be covered from 1st April 2020. Tenants can also apply for utility bills for one year.

How to apply for housingiskey application

How to apply for housing is key application California?

You will primarily be asked to fill in your reasons for filing the California rent relief application. To apply for the housing key loan, you have to cover the below steps.

  • Visit the housingiskey.com application portal from the housing.ca.gov site.
  • Click on the Apply now tab, which says CA Covid-19 relief form. The tab also has a number, 833-430-2122 in which you can easily call.
  • Find your address from the map to check if you would be eligible for a loan. The deep green color marks the areas whose denizens are suitable for availing of the state programs. The light green areas are eligible for the local programs, and the regions marked brown can apply for local and State programs.
  • Next, begin the application procedure, fill in the details, and click on the Submit tab.

What are the Application Requirements?

Tenants should have the following documents;

  • You must either have the 2020 tax return form and for the unemployed, you must have the 2020 W2 or 1099-G.
  • The pay stubs issued currently.
  • Evidence that you have participated in a subsidy program run by the state or federal government (CalFresh or Wal WORKS).
  • Utility and internet bills need to be submitted if you are applying for the utility bills.

Landlords must be able to show the following;

  • Rental agreement between the tenants and the landlord.
  • Rent statements for unpaid balance rent anywhere from 1st April.
  • W-9

Who is eligible for Housingiskey California?

  • You need to be a Californian, but you need not be a US citizen to apply.
  • You need to specify the way the pandemic impacts you.
  • Upload your monthly income payslips.

How to Check Housingiskey.com Application Status

The Housing is Key application status can be checked by calling 833-430-2122. The call can be made anytime between 07:00 am to 07:00 pm every week.

How to get housing help in California?

Fill in the application form. Once done, your landlord will be contacted. If the landlord is ready to participate in the relief program, the money will be sent to their account. A case manager would be given to you who would contact you to ensure your application is completed. Once your application is approved, your utility and rent bills will be paid by the State to the landlords and the utility providers directly. 

Application Last date

There is no deadline, but tenants and landlords are being asked to apply as fast as possible since the funds can run out soon.


If you are a landlord and your tenants cannot pay your rent, you can apply for help from this particular site. If you are a tenant in need of support then use this site to apply. Read the detailed instructions from here before filing your application.

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