How long does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat Streaks? (2024)

Snap streaks is a simple way by which Snapchat keeps a count of the number of days a person has spoken to another through Snapchat.

If you are in a row chatting to another person every 24 hours for three days the hourglass sign will disappear and a fire sign will appear and also there appears the number of days beside the streak showing how long conversation is going on between two people.

Aside the fire sign, the number of days appear which shows your chatting duration with that particular person.

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How long does the hourglass last?

hourglass last on snapchat streaks

If you’re regularly using Snapchat, it might be useful for you to know that an hourglass can be one emoji you would want to watch out for.

Every 24 hours you will have to send a photo or a video to your friends with whom you desire to maintain a streak. Only photos and videos can save your streak and you cannot do so through 

  • Text or chat messages
  • Stickers 
  • Talking
  • Pictures and recordings of other camera rolls
  • Spectacle content
  • Gathering snaps

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What does the hourglass mean on snapchat App?

What does the hourglass mean on snapchat App

The hourglass emoji means your streak is about to expire. It appears against those friends with whom you have a streak which is about to end soon. You will need to snap each other every day. 

There is nothing that snapchat users can gain out of these streaks but it is only a way to know how long you have been chatting to another person.   

How long does a streak last before it dies?

Usually, a snapchat hourglass emoji lasts for 20 hours and so it lasts only 4 hours before the streak ends.

However, if you have sent a photo, and yet if your snapchat still shows the hourglass, it means the person on the other end also has to send you a photo as well to make the hourglass sign vanish.

What is the longest snap streak?

Longest snap streak is 2089+ as of March 2021 between Shelly Fitzgerald and Mallory Shipley.

Does the hourglass appear on both sides?

Yes, the hourglass sign appears on both sides. If one of you has not send a streak, the hourglass sign might remain on your snapchat. The person who has to send the snap for the day is the only one who can make the hourglass go away. You can send them a reminder to send you a snap.

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