Hotbot Loan App: How to Install, Is it Real or Fake?

Taking out a loan is a universal need now. With the growing demands and widespread requirements of a human being, taking small loans is the only option to keep your days from crashing. There are several organizations that offer loans, but the loan processing time can be long, and your need might actually be resolved by then.

To solve this issue, there are several apps that have come into existence. These apps offer a very small processing window, and usually a person can get a loan in no time from these apps.

But before you go for an app, you must find out if the app is legit and if it will be of any help to you.

Here is an app known as the Hotbot Loan App that can be of benefit to those who fall within the said criteria.

Hotbot Loan App

What is Hotbot loan app?

Through the Hotbot loan app, you can take a loan of around 3000 to 50000 and the interest rate would be 22%. It is an app that can help you get loans easily. Through this app, you can take out a loan for duration of 95 days to 365 days. For a whole year, you can use the loan amount before repaying it. A processing fee, however, might be thrust upon you, and you might have to pay a processing fee of 1% minimum and 3% maximum.

Hotbot loan app fake or real

Actually, any such loan app that enters the market is treated as fake.

A new loan application is always under scrutiny. But slowly, as the app starts gaining momentum and starts having customers, the same app transitions from a fake to a real one.

The same is true with the Hotbot loan app.

It is one of those apps that is right now growing, and many are describing it as fake, while others are claiming it to be real.

You will need to understand the app better from here.

How to Install Hotbot Loan App?

To install the Hotbot Loan app, you will need to visit the Google Play Store.

From there, click on the “Install” tab and then wait for the app to get downloaded onto your system.

If you are between 18 and 60 years old, you can then apply for the Hotbot loan app.

You must also earn a monthly salary, and you should be able to pay back the amount.

Customer Care Number

Here are the customer care numbers for the Hotbot loan app. You can call either 7489618193 or 8817880624 to talk to a call centre representative.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Hotbot Loan App RBI registered?

No, the Hotbot Loan app is not RBI-registered, but eventually, once the app gains traction like other apps, they might also move ahead with the step.

Does Hotbot loan app provide loan?

Yes, they provide loans from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 50000, and the Hotbot loan app might be one of the most awesome sites to apply for loans currently.


Here’s what you will need to understand about the Hotbot loan app before you go ahead and download it to apply for a loan for it. Essentially, learn about the app before you install it and start using it. If the app does not sound genuine, it might be wise to refrain from using it.

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