Apply for Hooters application Online, Requirements, Check Status

What is Hooters application?

In 1983, six businessmen with no culinary experience joined hands to open a space that could never throw them out. Today, Hooters is available in 29 countries and has 420 outlets in different nations. Hooters not only serve you your favorite food and drinks but also works towards keeping you entertained.

Hooters promises to have a job for everyone. If you are willing to experience working with Hooter, try out their jobs and fill out their applications. Colloquially known as breastaurant, Hooters employs almost 17000 women in the role of waitresses across the nation.

How to apply for Hooters application Online?

Hooters application

The Hooter online application process requires you to complete the following steps.

  1. Create your account on the Hooters portal. Once your username and password are created, you can log in anytime to search for different job positions.
  2. A hiring profile needs to be filled by the applicant on the online portal.
  3. Attach photos that can help the managers identify you immediately with one of the three different images- an all-American cheerleader, surfer girl or, girl-next-door.
  4. Provide your general background and work history in the application.
  5. Add your qualifications, personal information, including education and other details.
  6. Submit the profile that will be immediately available to the Hooters application sorters on the other end.

Application Requirements?

  1. One must be mandatorily 18 years of age. For working in the bars, one must be 21.
  2. A high school diploma or GED is required for applying with Hooters.
  3. Managerial position applicants must have similar experiences in the same sector elsewhere.


Hooter girls must possess the following eligibility criteria.

  1. The girls must at least be 18 years of age.
  2. They must be fit and attractive.
  3. The person need not have a lot of experience, instead must be vibrant and ready to serve tables with a confident smile.
  4. Experiences like handling the cash register, serving orders, and working alongside are added advantages.
  5. Refer to the job position for which you have applied for further educational requirements.

How to Check Hooters application Status?

To know more about their application status, they can walk down to their Hooters location. They can also follow up with their hiring managers in this regard.

How long does the Hooters application take?

Eligible candidates will hear back from Hooter in a week or two. Those who visit the Hooters location for filling up a form might be offered the job on the same day after a brisk interview round.


Here’s all about the Hooters application process; if you plan to apply, and then read all about it here before using it.

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