How to Play Hero Rescue Game [Check Gameplay, All level Hints]?

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 01:41 pm

Hero Rescue is a new trending android game. Rescue the princess and become a hero.

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The Hero Rescue game is a game wherein the hero has to save the princess. You must kill monsters if you want to rescue the princess. There are several missions that you can handle easily through the game and search for the immense expanse of treasures by playing the game.

Game NameHero Rescue Game
Size32.82 MB
Current Version1.0.20
Ratings4.3 stars
Android Required5.1 and up

Get the treasure by killing the enemies.

Hero rescue Game

Help the Hero to get her princess and treasure. The game is full of amazing visuals, graphics, and puzzles.

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Enjoy more than 200 levels. Every next level is more challenging than the previous one.


Several different attractive features of the game are;

  1. There are five modes to play the game.
  2. The game offers wonderful graphics and sound effects throughout.
  3. Regular updates are done to the game to make it much better.

How to play

Playing the game is more like a puzzle and you can even play it online directly or download it from Google Playstore.

There are different activities you must undertake to save the princess caught in the tower.

  1. Pins need to be removed to bring down their enemies
  2. If the hero or princess dies, the game takes 30 minutes to reset, hence if you fear such a consequence in the game, do not hesitate to tap the reset button.
  3. There are almost 200 game levels, and the difficulty level rises not every time but only in some instances. The rise in difficulty level is quite erratic and you might not encounter a rise in some of the most crucial levels.
  4. To avoid any types of uneven distractions, you must try to play the game in offline mode.
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All Level Hints

hero rescue all level hints

Comment below and let us know if you got stuck on any level. We will give you a hint to get out of it.


Hero Rescue Game Download

Which country App is it?

The Hero Rescue is made by Nelvana Canada.


The hero of the game has to collect wealth and riches, murder many goblins and save a princess.

The game is never boring, not even for a moment, and brings in the right amount of thrill and fun. The game is one of the most wonderful games, and you will enjoy it if you love the kind of stuff offered in the game. On Google Playstore, the game has a 4.3 score, and going by the built, design, color, and excitement level, the Hero Rescue game can easily be given a score of more than 4 even from our side.


Here’s a bit about the Hero Rescue game, and if you want to play it, know more about it before you start playing it.

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