How to Use Healthy Together Covid-19 App [2024]?

Recently, healthy together COVID 19 app is launched in the United States for Android & iOS users. The one and only motive behind the release of this app is to control the spread of coronavirus in the United States of America.

There are a lot of benefits to installing this app and it takes care of your privacy.

You can check the symptoms of COVID-19, Fact check, Snopes, check nearby labs for the COVID-19 test, Guide to be safe in your area, Details about any positive patient in your area, all COVID 19 red zone areas details, and much more.

Healthy Together App fact check

healthy together covid 19 app

Most Useful app to fight against the coronavirus. Daily track Covid-19 Symptoms and fact check with this free app.

If you feel any symptoms and want to test for the virus then check nearby testing labs using the app healthy together fact check within a minute.

As there are a lot of people who are affected by this virus and you don’t know the most affected area. But using this app, you can see the red zone area on the map.

Get instant notification about all the latest updates and facts about coronavirus.

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Daily Check-Ups

healthy together

One of the best features of healthy together, you can do daily check if you have any symptoms related to COVID-19. If you found most of the symptoms similar to coronavirus symptoms then you can visit nearby hospitals and doctors for further consultant.

Or you can also share results checked by the app with your doctor.

COVID Testing

healthy together app fact check

Through healthy together, you can also check the nearby COVID-19 test locations on the map. It’s really a helpful feature. You can take an appointment for the COVID-19 test without wasting time.

Also, the resident of Utah can also check their COVID -19 test results directly through healthy together.

america corona virus app

Contact Tracing

corona virus app

The other useful features of the app, you can check about the COVID -19 patient in your area. To enable it, turn on your Bluetooth and location. Using this feature, you can avoid your visit to areas where most of the positive patients appeared.

It will also give you an alert notification if you visit such areas.

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User privacy

In this app, they have taken special care of users’ privacy and security. It’s not mandatory to share your data on this app. It’s your choice.

  • You can delete your shared data anytime.
  • Your shared data will be only used for public health and research purpose.
  • All private data is secured and encrypted.
  • Your shared location will be deleted after 30 days automatically.


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It’s all about the Healthy Together COVID 19 app Snopes. I hope you loved this article.

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