How to USE Hallow Prayer App? Is it Safe?

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Most of us these days are busy and cannot benefit from the prayers that our ancestors could put forth to the universe. But even if we have some time, praying in our faith, praying right, or meditating in the name of God is difficult. We don’t know how to pray, and most importantly, praying it right is almost absolutely impossible.

Thus, many people are suggesting using the right apps. These apps are essential for helping us pray in the right mood and with the right efficiency. Catholic Christians have a certain way of praying, and when they want to connect to their God, they can do so easily by using this app called the Hallow Prayer app.

Hallow prayer app

What is Hallow Prayer app?

The Hallow Prayer app is a Catholic prayer service app that offers guided meditation sessions for people who want to live with God every day. There are almost six thousand different sessions, and each offers you the option to focus on contemplative meditations, prayers, Catholic Bible readings, and music that works as a bridge between you and your God.

App Features

Here are the following app features where you can focus and work;

  • You can get Christian meditation options right on your phone.
  • Daily prayers are possible using this app.
  • If you want to put your children to sleep, you can use the sleep Bible story features.
  • Catholic rosaries are also available with them upon order.
  • Ignation Examen is possible with your day using this app.
  • Lectio divina with God via the app.
  • Taize, Gregorian chants, and also indulge in communities using the app.
  • Go through your personal challenges quietly and try out the litany and novena.
  • Minute-long meditations are possible with Jesus for those using the app.
  • Journaling after every prayer is also possible.
  • You can choose between a male or female guide.
  • The option is available for three different prayer lengths stretching between five, ten, and fifteen minutes.
  • You can set prayer reminders using the app.
  • Gregorian chant options and other such calming music backgrounds are possible using the app.
  • You can also download your sessions if you want to hear them offline.
  • The Hallow family comes together when you have to share prayer reflections and intentions with each other.

How to Use Hallow Prayer app?

To use the Hallow Prayer app, you will have to download it, and then you must click on the 14-day trial. This period will help you explore the app and will also help you understand what works best for you. When you take up the 14-day trial, you will be able to decide if you want the app for a month more or for a whole year.

Sign in either using your phone/email and you can also try continuing with your Google mail or Apple account.

After signing in and confirming your account, either by entering the code that comes on your phone number or by using the code that comes on your email ID.

Once done, click on the sign in tab and then move ahead with your exploration of the app.

Is Hallow Prayer and meditation app free?

By using the app, individuals can access the prayers and the rosary, along with the nine-day intro prayer challenge, completely for free. For everything that Hallow has to offer, try out their $9.99 per month and $69.99 per year plans.

 Hallow App Promo Codes

Hallow Promo codes are available in many ways and it might be either that someone gives you a promo code or you get it from someone. Enter it manually and then try entering the app. Each coupon will have a special offering.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Hallow app only Catholic?

The Hallow app is completely Catholic and is meant for Catholic worshippers. If you want to meditate but don’t know where to begin, you can try using the app for a month and then decide for yourself.

Is Hallow app safe?

Yes, the Hallow app is absolutely safe to use and download. If you want to use it, simply download the app and start using it in no time.

Who is the owner of Hallow app?

It was founded by Alex Jones, Erich Kerekes, and Alessandro DiSanto. Alex Jones is currently the CEO of the company.

Can Christians use Hallow app?

It is primarily meant for Catholic Christians, and thus, you may want to check out your meditation style before you move on with it.


Here’s all about the Hallow app. If you want to use the Hallow app, try looking at its free trial pack and then moving ahead with it. Those who wish to move ahead with the Hallow app need to know that it is an app to practice meditation and be with God. Only if you are seriously planning to heal yourself or plan to move ahead in that direction might using the app benefit you.

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