Breathe Los Angeles County Guaranteed Income Program Guide

If you reside in a low-income or working-class area in Los Angeles County and the epidemic has taken a toll on your finances, you might be eligible for $1,000 per month for three years with no strings attached. However, you should move soon if you’re interested since you’ll only have a limited period to apply.

What Exactly Is The LA County Breathe Program?

The LA County Breathe Program is a three-year guaranteed income program that will pay $1,000 per month to 1,000 qualifying persons. To investigate the impact of income programs, Breathe will act as a separate research program.

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How To Apply For The LA County Breathe Program?

For applying to the Breathe program, first, visit the official website of Breathe. You need to apply online between March 31 and April 13, 2022. The program is for one open enrollment only.

STEP 1: Determine your eligibility by completing the online screening process.

Once you satisfy all the qualifying conditions, you will move to Step 2.

Suppose you do not match the qualifying criteria, then you will be disqualified.

STEP 2: Complete the online application survey if you are eligible.

The application survey may be completed on a computer or by phone.

Suppose you do not have internet access through a computer or a mobile phone. In that case, there is a list of approved places around the country where you may get help completing the application during the open enrollment period.

LA county Breathe Program Application Requirements 

The eligibility criteria are as follows-

  • You must have had financial losses due to the occurrence of the epidemic.
  • You cannot be registered in another Guaranteed Income program project.
  • Only one member from each home will be allowed to take part.
  • You must be 18 or older.
  • May not be written in any other income-generating program provided by the County or city of Los Angeles.

Who Qualifies For The Program?

Those who meet the qualifications can apply. Participants that are chosen will also be a part of the program’s independent research project. The initiative intends to investigate the consequences of this assistance on the people who get it, such as their general health, well-being, and financial stability.

Who Pays for Guaranteed Income?

  • The County’s experiment with “guaranteed income” allows access to the funds. Together with the Center for Guaranteed Income Research in Pennsylvania.
  • Program Benefits As the economy sways, the Guaranteed Income program may offer families financial certainty, allowing them to breathe easier.
  • 1,000 families will get $1,000 each month to test the idea for three years.
  • An impartial study effort will assess the program’s impact on members’ economic stability.

Program Benefits

The following are the advantages of the LA County Breathe Program:

  • Direct monthly payments will be sent to chosen residents via a debit card, with no strings attached, or requirements.
  • Participants in this program are free to use the money they see appropriate to suit their needs.
  • The path of this epidemic has exposed a substantial number of County residents who are on the verge of financial disaster, with inadequate resources to withstand a medical emergency, an expensive auto repair or a job loss.
  • This guaranteed income scheme will give people the breathing space to weather these crises.
  • There is considerable proof from assured income initiatives around the nation that financial assistance, combined with the ability to make judgments about how best to spend their money, is beneficial.

In Conclusion

Breathe says you can’t save an incomplete application and finish it later, so set aside an hour and do it all at once. Non-internet users may visit one of the local offices. Apply by April 22, 2019.


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