Chicago universal basic income application online Complete Guide

What is Chicago universal basic income application?

With COVID-19 setting in, newer poverty levels got created. Every day someone lost a job or a business to COVID-19. In the United States alone, almost 12% of the population perennially reside below the poverty level.

Seeing the struggle, the US government is trying to support the poorer sections in the best possible ways. Pilot schemes have come up in Chicago and Los Angeles and they are planning to target a small section of the society to see how they can spread it further.

Chicago will launch a basic program (Chicago guaranteed income application) that will grant $500 to 5000 Chicago families from the low-income group. The funds are being received from Joe Biden’s American Rescue plan. The budget of $16.7 billion will incorporate this budget as well. People who are considered eligible to receive this grant will have to mention how they want to get the grants.

The funds will be drawn from some of the Coronavirus packages issued by the government for driving the projects.

How to apply Chicago universal basic income application online?

Chicago guaranteed income application

Applications are open to people who are fitting the eligibility criteria. Those who wish to apply need to show their government ID and social security number (SSN) when asked. The Chicago guaranteed income application online can be availed of in this below mentioned way.

  1. Visit the designated website and then click on the online application link.
  2. Fill in the essential details survey approved for the Los Angeles application.
  3. Click on the captcha and submit the application form.


Guaranteed income program application of $500 every month for a year is being promised by the program. This way, individuals assigned under the program can gain a constant income for a year that can be used for a cause or purpose that needs immediate attention.


One of the most basic requirements for the city of Chicago universal basic income application is that people must earn less than $35,000 per year.


  1. Citizens of Chicago alone can apply
  2. Individuals must be 18 years of age and above.
  3. Applicants must have a dependent.
  4. You are eligible if your income got severely impacted by the COVID-19 scenarios.


As a citizen of Chicago, apply for the program, if you have gone below the poverty line during COVID-19 or if you have been below the poverty line even before COVID-19.

Many want to observe how well the program does since many such programs were closed down previously. Hence, only if the pilot project succeeds the government will pull it up on a full scale in these two states.


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