Green card lottery application Eligibility, Deadline

Through the Green Card lottery application system, a limited number of immigration opportunities are available to countries with a stipulated US migration rate. One must meet a few eligibility requirements to fit in the lottery category. Eventual green card assignment also does not happen to these immigrants unless they fulfill certain criteria.

Fulfilling the American dream is restricted to a ratio of selection that ranges from 1:75 to 1:25, varying from region to region. The lottery process is free of cost but, once an individual wins a lottery, they must pay the $330 non-refundable interview fee. From the lottery process to immigration it might take up to two years.

How to apply for green card lottery application?

Green card lottery application

The application process for DV Lottery is simple.

  1. Visit the website indicated here.
  2. Add the country in which you were born.
  3. Once you click on the continue tab, you move to the next question, where you must specify whether you are married.
  4. In the following question, mention if the country you were born in is home for your parents only for a specific purpose or if it is your home town.
  5. Further questions will follow that you must keep answering unless you receive a validation that your application is considered complete.

What are Green Card Lottery Application Requirements?

  1. There is particularly no minimum age when one can apply for the lottery program.
  2. You need not read or write English, you may not have relatives in the United States or even a job offer. There is no need for you to even possess a certain amount of money to enter the States.

Who is Eligible for Green card lottery Application?

  1. Since a huge number of immigrants have moved to the US in the past five years, according to current confirmations only Hong Kong, SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan right now fall under eligible nations.
  2. You must at least have a 12-year elementary and secondary education or any other formal course degrees for applying.
  3. One must fall under the occupation list proposed by the DV Lottery page link.

Green card lottery how much does it cost?

There is no cost of applying for the initial lottery scheme, but once the lottery is won, you will have to pay $330 towards the fee for the Visa interview.

Green card lottery application deadline

For the 2022 Green card lottery, the application deadline is 10th November.


Here’s a bit about the DV lottery or the Green card lottery for entering the US as immigrants. If you are inclined to taste the US dream, do not forget to have complete information about the process before going for the lottery.


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