How to download Grama Niladhari exam application form online?

What is Grama Niladhari online application? It is a competitive examination that helps in recruiting Grade III posts of Grama Niladhari for the Government of Sri Lanka. The exam is being conducted for 2021 and is open to all the citizens of Sri Lanka. The closing date of the application is 28-June-2021 and it is currently open for all those who plan to apply for it.

The job is a Sri Lankan central government position and people selected would become public officers to the government. In the Grama Niladhari division, these government officials would function on behalf of the government overseeing the activities for them.

download Grama Niladhari exam application pdf

A total of 331 divisional secretary divisions are present in Sri Lanka and 14,022 Grama Niladhari officers are functioning for the office right now. These government officials would be responsible for executing the administrative duties at the level of the Grama Niladhari division. It is a sub-unit for the divisional secretariat under the Ministry of Home Affairs within the home affairs division of Sri Lanka.

The basic job role of a Grade III Grama Niladhari officer would be to maintain the voter registry, maintain statistical details for their division, and track criminal records in that particular subdivision, settling disputes that arise between the people of that particular division and helping to issue residence and character certificate to the individuals of that particular subdivision.

How to download Grama Niladhari exam application form?

Click on the below links to download the application form and download Grama Niladhari application pdf.

Downloading the pdf version of the application form can be done from the sites mentioned above.

How to apply Grama Niladhari gazette application?

Grama Niladhari exam application online application needs to be either downloaded or needs to be filled online. A receipt of Rs.600 must be attached to it towards the examination fee. The person planning to sit for the exam must sign it. The filled-in application should be sent to the below-mentioned address.

Commissioner General of Examination,

Establishment and Examinations Organization Branch, 

Department of Examination, Sri Lanka, 

P.O. Box 1503, 


What is a Grama Niladhari exam qualification?

 To sit for the Grama Niladhari exam online application exams, there are a few eligibility criteria that one must fulfill.

– Applicants must be between 21 and 35 years of age.

– They should be Sri Lankan citizens.

– The applicant should be ready to serve 10 years in the Central government service or Provincial Council Service.

– The applicant should be fit mentally and physically fit to work in an office setup.

– The person should have resided in the district for 3 years at least till the closing date of the application. The same should be confirmed by the electoral registrar or should provide a residence certificate issued by the Grama Niladhari unit.

– They should not have their names under any criminal records.

– The person should not have been dismissed from the public services, should not have been declared bankrupt ever, and should not have been ordained into any religious sect or under religion.

– They must have passed GCE O/L and GCE A/L and should have qualified for the exam with 4C grades and must have qualified in Tamil, Maths, and Sinhala along with three other subjects. 

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