How to update google assistant in Jio phone? Jio assistant app download

Last updated on January 2nd, 2022 at 01:58 pm

What is the assistant jio phone app?

The Google Assistant for the JIO phone app can help you do a lot of work. 

With Google’s Assistant in place,

  • Calling people, 
  • Reading texts in Hindi apart from the English language is possible by simply focusing the camera on the text, 
  • opening or launching JIO apps using it and 
  • Searching the web are some of the common activities one can pursue through Google Assistant.
How to Update google Assisstant On Jio Phone? Jio assistant app download

How to update google assistant in jio phone?

To update Google Assistant in your JIO phone, you will need to wait for the firmware update of JIO. Google Assistant will be rolled out and all you need to do is update it on your device.

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How to jio assistant app download?

This is how you must update the Google Assistant app in JIO.

  • Go to your JIO phone settings.
  • Browse to the device station of the JIO app.
  • You would get a software update option inside it.
  • Next the phone would get restarted again.
  • Once the phone is restarted again, you can see Google Assistant in your Menu.

How to use google assistant app in jio phone?

To use the Google Assistant app on the Jio phone, you will need to follow the below steps.

  • To launch Google Assistant, click on the mic icon.
  • You will need to permit Google Assistant with all necessary permissions like using the microphone, camera etcetera.
  • Now choose your preferred language option. Once you have chosen your language Google would speak out your choice.
  • Jio would show the entire user interface related options all at one go on the screen as training.
  • You have five main components on the screen to choose from- Light or dark mode, mic tab, language changing tab, listening mode, and the keyboard tab.
  • Next you can start placing questions to it using your voice and in your language, and it will take you through different answer options.

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Can i do assistant update on jio phone?

Yes, you can update Google Assistant on your JIO phone.


So this is all about the tagging between Google Assistant and Reliance JIO. Since its launch, people are using more of the voice choice from Google Assistant. Log into your Google Assistant, but before that read this briefing to understand all about it.

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