How to Login & Activate Gohenry App? (A Quick Guide)

Gohenry app is designed and devised basically for children. The app’s main aim is to make children good with money. However, the Gohenry app is not working properly since 14 June. Don’t worry here is the solution for you.

Gohenry has over 1.6 million customers between the age range of 6 and 18 and endows kids with learning abilities to know how to spend, manage and save money. 

The best part is children too can have a debit card of their own. However, the debit card is connected to an app that is loaded with numerous parental control features.

The app and the debit card not only make the kid’s life easier but also makes the parent’s life a lot easier.

Gohenry App Not Working Solution |  How to Login & Activate Gohenry? Reviews

Why is the Gohenry app NOT working?

Gohenry app does not work only under two or three circumstances.

  • The user has typed in the wrong password thrice and that can block the card.
  • If your device has some issues then it might not work.
  • If there is an internet issue then the app might not show up results.

App Not Working Solution

If Gohenry app not working properly like if you are facing white/Black screen issues, login issues, or the app not opening then here is the one-stop solution for you.

  1. Always make sure you enter the correct user password and details to log in. If you have exceeded the password trial limit then maybe your card is blocked now.
    Now you need to log in to the App. Click On ‘Card’>>Tap on “Pin”>>Enter The child password>>Pin will be displayed.
  2. If the Gohenry app is not opening and working properly then try to clear the app cache from the application manager settings.
    If this doesn’t solve your issue then try to reinstall the app.
  3. If you are facing the black screen issue then maybe the Gohenry servers are not working. Reopen the app after some time.
  4. If all of these don’t work for you then try to contact the customer care service @ 03301007676. You can also mail to

I hope this has solved the Gohenry app not working problem for you.

How do I log in to Gohenry in the U.K.?

Logging into the website and the app can be done using the same 4-digit mobile pass code. 

To login, therefore, one must have a pass code that needs to be set up.

  • One must log in to the child’s parent account.
  • From the Accounts and Settings option, you can click on the pencil icon.
  • The pencil icon is next to the parent PIN option.
  • In there, enter your password and then press the Save button for using the pass code for future logins.
  • Now through your email address and the PIN, you can log in every time you need to.

How do you activate Gohenry?

To activate the Gohenry cards you will need to activate the parent’s as well as the child’s card.

To do so, you must simply click on the activate card button from the Home screen.

You can add money to your account as well as to your child’s account and also complete the account set-up by adding certain tasks to your child’s account. 

Add walking dogs, washing plates, tidying the room, collecting groceries, pruning the garden, and engaging the little brother or sister at home in the task lists. Pay them some extra bucks for completing each task to ensure your child understands the value of money.

Go Henry AGE Limit?

The Gohenry app is developed for children between the ages of 6 and 18.


Reviews for the app have so far been good and especially parents are content with the many parental features which seem to work in there as well as in the child’s favor.

Limiting money use is extremely easy and thus, parents are heavily relying on the app to easily maneuver between the child’s daily monetary needs and as well as their control.

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