Gofan App for Android/iOS: How to use & Show or Transfer tickets?

The GoFan app is the largest ticketing solution in the United States for high school event tickets. You could search for football, basketball, baseball, performing arts, and more.

If you wish to support your team’s game, buy a ticket for them here and view the match stress-free. It gives easy access to high school events and you also have provisions to sell back the tickets.

how to gofan app download for android and iphone?

How to Gofan app Download for android phone?

Do you have an Android phone? Are you wondering how to get GoFan app for android? Below you can find the process you need to follow for the download.

For GoFan app for android download, you would have to follow the steps given below;

  • Check your Menu Settings and then from its Security tab check for the box which allows downloads from unknown sources.
  • From one of the download mirrors, you can simply download the app apk.
  • Locate your downloaded file from your download folder and then run it to install it on your device. You can also keep a downloaded file manager to make your search for the right file easier.

Download Gofan app for iPhone

The app is available in the Apple App Store. Downloading it from there either needs your fingerprints or your password access.

How do you show tickets on GoFan App?

Keep your ticket loaded when entering the concert or the tournament.

  • Your ticket would be present in the section termed My Tickets
  • Choose the View tickets option. 
  • Then flash the ticket saved on your smartphone at the gate when asked for.

How do I transfer tickets on GoFan app?

From the GoFan app, you will have to move through the below steps.

  • Go to the Share Tickets option from the upper right corner of the Tickets page.
  • Choose the ticket you wish to share.
  • Now click on the Confirm tab.
  • Next, click on the Transfer Ticket option.
  • Tickets can be transferred either by email or text.

How to use GoFan app?

GoFan app can be used for sharing, purchasing, and accessing tickets.

Once the app is downloaded, you will have to register yourself on the app. The registration process simply needs your name, telephone number, and email ID. Your telephone number and your email ID are validated by the app in the process.

If you want to purchase tickets from the app, you can do so using the below steps.

  • From the app, search for the name of your school.
  • Now choose the event you desire to join from the app.
  • Tap on the buy ticket option and enter details for the ticket.
  • Click on the Submit tab once all the information is entered.
  • Add your credit card details to make the ticket purchase.

Sharing and accessing tickets are already discussed above.

Gofan app promo code

Discount waivers in the form of Promo codes are made available in the app from time to time. You will see the promo code option if you have one for a ticket you wish to purchase.

App reviews

GoFan application is also one of the most loved apps among growing students. It is one of the apps which is used frequently by schoolgoers. The ratings for the apps are most often based on the reviews obtained for the apps. For GoFan the ratings all across platforms are between 3 and 4.


Is there a gofan app for android

Yes, the app is present for Android downloads.

is Gofan App SAFE?

yes, the app is safe to use and browse.

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