How to Play Go Knots 3D Game All Levels Walkthrough? Gameplay

Last updated on December 12th, 2021 at 04:04 pm

Do you like to play mind games? If your answer is yes! then let me tell you about the latest android puzzle game “Go Knots 3D Game”.

Get all levels solutions, guide, walkthrough.

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How many levels in go knots 3d game?

There are almost 500+ levels with levels being repetitive after 40 at some instances.


Game NameGo Knots 3D
Size32.05 MB
Current Version3.0.2
Ratings3.5 stars
Android Required5.1 and up

What is Go knots 3d game?

It is a simple built game where all you need to do is relax and untangle knots. If untangling knots is something you love doing, this game is for you.

This game is little easy to play in the start. But it gets a little difficult as you go up to the next level.

How to play Go Knots 3D

How to play Go Knots 3D Game?

Check all levels 1 to 50 Gameplay

To play Go knots 3D here’s what is required to do.

  1. Go to your Google Playstore or Apple appstore and download the game.
  2. Simply click on the installed game to begin the levels.
  3. You will get several knot types at different levels and you just have to solve them.
  4. Once you start the game and keep completing the levels, you will keep winning coins. These coins can be used for different activities in the process.

5. The main aim in this game is to untangle all the chains and tie it on the poles. Make sure the one chain is not touching the other one.

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Look carefully the chains.

If one chain is on the second one then firstly you need to keep aside the first chain and then the second one.

Go Knots 3D apk game

You can also go back if you take the wrong step.

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You can also take the chain off from the pole.

Go knots 3D game apk

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The Go knots 3D game has very minimal features.

  1. The game levels are time bound and easy.
  2. Controls are intuitive and quite robust.
  3. With Go knots, you can earn more money

How to Install Game?


Reviews have built up nicely for the new game. People love it every moment and are quite happy with the performance levels required to play the levels. At higher levels, the game turns trickier with more colors to choose from.


Here is a bit about the knots that can go nuts if you can’t set them right. Try to keep the knots from becoming messier and you can cross every level easily

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