Glover App for Android & iOS (Complete Guide)

Glover app is usually an app that can be used to trade gift cards whereby you can buy and sell them, purchasing airtime can also be done and also bills can be paid using Glover.

You can directly trade your gift cards with Glover.

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Download Glover app on Android & iOS

Glover app can be downloaded from the third-party app stores for Android as well as iOS platforms.

For Android, once you have clicked on the following link you can go ahead with the download.

  • From the Menu>Settings>Security>download from Unknown sources.
  • Secondly, download your app from third-party app stores.
  • Do a verification check.
  • Run and then finally install the app.

For iOS devices

  • you will have to download the apk 
  • Then trust the source of download from the Settings and then by moving to the app from the General options
  • Use the app after the installation of the app is completed.


There are a few features of the app that can come in handy for you;

– First of all, buying and selling gift cards has never been easier as it is with Glover.

– Paying bills is easier with this app.

– Even exchanging airtime is easier, safe and convenient with the app. All you have to do is sign up with the app, view the current rates and then need to convert it. You can always keep it in the Patricia bitcoin wallet until transferred elsewhere.

– Transaction can be done rapidly and is a very reliable process.

– Transaction is fast and extremely reliable.

How to use the Glover app?

Glover app can be used to buy and sell airtime as well as gift cards.

To use the app for buying and selling gift cards follow the below steps.

– Signup for your account by entering your name, email ID, a case sensitive password.

– Click on the confirmation link from your email address.

– From an array of options, choose your country and the amount of the gift card you wish to sell.

– Once chosen, scroll down and click on the sell tab.

– Take a clean picture of the gift cards and upload them.

– Check your email confirmation and an equivalent amount of funds would be transferred to your wallet.

For selling airtime follow the below process;

– Select your network type from the account

– Choose a particular amount from the dropdown.

– Choose an account where your cash can be credited.

– If you want it safe, keep it in your Patricia bitcoin wallet.

Is the Glover app legit?

The process of buying and selling is absolutely secure and reliable. It is a legitimate process and it is also a very fast process.

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