How to Earn Money with GigIndia Pocket Money App?

GigIndia App: The gig industry is expanding at a fast pace and GigIndia’s extensive pool of skilled gig workers are helping enterprises all around the globe. The gig workers are also finding it easy to scale the ladder of success easily with the help of GigIndia.

What is GigIndia App?

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The GigIndia App is enabled with the latest technology, end-to-end management, possess industry expertise, is live 24*7, and provides detailed data insights.

GigIndia has already offered business solutions to a wide-variety of growing enterprises and boasts of a powerful clientele including Amazon, Paytm, Infosys, TATA, Reliance, BookMyShow, etc. GigIndia has played a significant role in the way businesses and professionals are coming together and creating progressive business solutions.

The GigIndia mobile app is 2.1 MB in size and needs Android version 5.0 to function. This app can be best used by students, professionals, and homemakers who are looking for freelance opportunities in the area of field ops, data entry, QC, HR recruitment, telemarketing, and team lead.

How to Download GigIndia Pocket Money App?

The GigIndia Pocket Money App is available on Google Play Store.

Users who want to find part-time jobs and gigs can download this mobile app from Play Store on their Android smartphones.

Alternatively, they can also download the app using the APK file from some third-party app store.

How to EARN MONEY on GigIndia App?

Earning money on the GigIndia Pocket Money is quite easy.

First of all, people need to download the app on their smartphone and then discover opportunities of their choice on the platform.

Once they apply to an opportunity, they would need to go through a screening and assessment process.

Once you are selected, you will further receive training from the in-house experts of the GigIndia team and then you can work on several projects and earn on a monthly basis.

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Couple of features of the GigIndia app are as follows:

  • It is easy-to-use.
  • It provides an opportunity to work with many clients to earn a good amount of remuneration on a monthly basis.
  • The GigIndia team provides training to the selected professionals in their area of expertise.
  • A mentorship club allows students to interact with companies and to develop their skill set accordingly.
  • Offers plenty of internship and learning opportunities.


So far, 5 lakhs plus customers have installed the GigIndia mobile app from Google Play Store alone and they have provided a 3.3-star rating to this app. Many people have found the app useful.

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