How to accept gifted subs on youtube (Complete Guide)?

Do you want to receive the gifted subs on YouTube? If you want to come into the spotlight community by getting the YouTube gifted subscription, you must set the alerts for it. Many twitch streamers show interest in YouTube gaming and take gift subs alone.

The gift subs program has been launched by YouTube, similar to the beta program. Gift subs on YouTube work the same as the gifted subs on Twitch, with the slightest key differences.

The gift subs YouTube programs are only limited to high-profile beta creators. It will show in your activity feed if you buy any YouTube gifted membership. It means you can thank loyal community members who spread their love for your Channel.

This article is here if you want to set alerts to receive YouTube-gifted subs for your Channel. Read the guide to know the meaning of YouTube Gifted subs and ways to accept the gifted subs on YouTube.

What are gifted subs on youtube?

gifted subs on youtube

Earlier, the beta programs are launched by popular streamer rachell through social media. After that, youtube add the gift subs program for most of the viewers in 2022. YouTube gifted subs work similarly to the gifted subs on Twitch. The current streamers can apply for gifted subs through the survey on YouTube.

The gifted subs on YouTube permit the channel owner or viewers to purchase the channel membership and use it as a gift to send to other viewers during chat in a stream.

The channel members can buy a set number of YouTube memberships [5,10,20] simultaneously. These memberships are also gifted out on my YouTube channel to the non-member’s viewers based on interaction with your Channel.

It means the loyal viewers of your YouTube channel will have the most chances to get the gifted subs due to the high interaction. The main idea behind the launch of the gift subs program on YouTube is to increase creators’ revenues. The gift subs on youtube help the creators increase their engagements on their Channel by allowing more viewers to share their perks with the community members. This is the reason why it is known as WIN-WIN. One of the great ideas to involve more community members in buying the gift subs on YouTube for others is to highlight the fans during the stream with the special membership alert.

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How to accept gifted subs on youtube?

As we tell you, loyal viewers will have a higher chance of getting the gifted subs on YouTube. How to accept the YouTube gifted subs? Viewers must enable the gifted memberships features to accept the gifted subs on YouTube.

It is easy to enable this feature by clicking on the gift symbol shown at the chat ticker or when any other viewer purchases the subs. If the YouTube channels are enabled already, viewers will automatically enter to get gift subs on YouTube that other viewers buy.

Once the viewers get the gift subs, they can enjoy the membership perks, consisting of custom emotes. Keep in mind that the viewers can only buy the gift subs in desktop mode in the case of the gifted subscription beta. After the release of gift subs on YouTube, mobile options are also added. Gifted subs on YouTube are only enabled for those channels with joining costs of $5 or less. Creators can change the joining fee to suit YouTube membership requirements.


Once you get the gifted subs on membership in the above way, you can set memorable experiences with your community on YouTube.

How do you get a YouTube gift?

You can easily get the YouTube gift through the live chat. For this, you have to go to an eligible channel stream. Go to live chats, click on allow gifts, or choose the pinned membership gifting. Confirm that you agree to turn the option of “ allow gifts on YouTube” by the switch.

How do I know if I was gifted a sub on YouTube?

If you are selected to receive the gift sub on YouTube, you can get the personal live chat message and email also sent to you. The viewers had the gift subs do not need to pay any charge to creators. 

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