How to use Ghost Tube App? (A Quick Guide)

Ghost Tube app is an app, developed for paranormal investigators who wish to record paranormal sightings with their devices intending to agree or disagree with the paranormal approaches including ghosts, demons, and other variety of supernatural beings.

how to use ghost tube app sls

How to use Ghost Tube app?

To download and use the Ghost Tube app, follow the below procedure.

– First download the Ghosttube app.

– Then install the app

– Further register with the app and include your name, telephone number, email address, your mailing address.

– Once you are into the app, find the variety of instruments within the app which can be used to detect ghosts or to trace paranormal evidence.

How does Ghost Tube work?

By using the app, the application can be used in this way.

–      Ghost Dictionary

It comes with a ghost dictionary with different descriptions, words and phrases in more than 20 languages.

–      Magnetometer

A magnetometer is an instrument that can notice magnetic and electromagnetic fluctuations. It is used to typically measure directions.

–      EVP Recorder

EVP Recorder uses a voice recorder and sound spectrograph and helps in detecting electronic voice phenomena.

–      Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensors use infra-red light to detect proximity to objects.

–      SLS Camera

This app combines images from both the cameras and these cameras detects depths and complicated images.

–      Sound synthesizer

It captures real-time audio and this tool is useful in quiet environments.

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Download Ghost Tube App on Android & iOS

To download the GhostTube app apk on Android, follow the below steps.

– Go to Menu>Settings>Security> download from unknown sources.

– Go to any of the third-party websites like

– From there download Ghost Tube Paranormal Investigation Simulator.

– Once downloaded, run and install the app on your device.

– After installing the app, you have to register with the app.

What is Ghost Tube app SLS?

Ghost Tube SLS is a specially designed camera app that can detect humanoid bodies like ghosts or paranormal activities. The Ghost Tube SLS camera offers human figures and bodies. You can download the app easily from play store.


The reviews are very good and many users have input positive reviews for the app.

is the ghost tube app legit?

Yes, the app is 100% legit and free to use.

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