How to use Ghost Messenger App Amazing Features (2024)

Hello Guys, Today, We will know about the trending premium android app Ghost Messenger with mind-blowing features.

Hide Last seen, Apply Do Not Disturb Tag and Bypass your emergency calls and much more to manage your messenger.

What Is Ghost Messenger App?

ghost messenger app

Ghost Messenger is an android app that provides you various high-quality premium features. It is a paid or premium app. You have to pay to access the premium features of this android app.

And it’s really worth paying for this app. After knowing its features, you are surely going to love it.

It is not like any ordinary messenger.

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Premium App Features

ghost messenger app premium
  • It provides you the important feature “DO Not Disturb Mode”. You can apply it if you are busy. You can apply Do Not Disturb feature using text messages, selfies, and also existing images from Gallery.
  • Silence the calls in one click and if you have some important clients and people then you can also inform them that you are busy in a more polite manner using text, images, etc.
  • It is a more professional way to manage your calls and text on messenger using Ghost messenger.
  • If you are replying or calling to your contacts or in a group then you can bypass the app for the management of your emergency calls and urgent calls. It is really an amazing feature of this app.
  • App Ghost Messenger allows you to create unlimited groups and you are free to add every contact in these groups.
  • You can show you current activities like sleeping, eating, busy, working, etc to your contacts, groups using creative custom images.
  • You can also automate your activities one time for every day in just one click.
  • Don’t need to set daily activities. One time customization is enough.
  • You can also manage your call logs in the ghost messenger app. It is easy to manage at one place.
  • Get notification and alerts of urgent, emergency calls. So, you will never miss any urgent calls.

How to Use Ghost Messenger App?

Just Install the app from Playstore and follow the instruction. It is a very user-friendly app and easy to use.

This is all about “Ghost Messenger App”. I hope you loved this article.

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