How to get Hulu on LG smart TV (Complete Guide)?

How to use Hulu on LG smart TV?

In case you did not know, direct app installation is a pretty handy functionality available on more recent LG television models. The procedure is fairly straightforward to carry out on computers running Netcast and webOS 3.5. Keep scrolling to know more…

Method 1

Step 1-  Simply click to open the search bar

Step 2- To search for the app, type “Hulu” in the search bar and hit enter.

Step 3- Select Install after locating the Hulu app, and it will redirect to your applications screen.

Step 4-  Click to start Hulu and establish your account when the download is finished.

Method 2

Step 1- Make sure you register if you wish to create a brand new account.

Step 2-  Use the LG media store if you can’t find the app using the normal search.

Step 3- Select More Apps by pressing the Home toggle on your device remote.

Step 4-  Proceed to the Premium choices in the LG Digital Store after selecting them.    

Step 5 – To finish the procedure, look for the desired Hulu app and finally click to install it.  

Step 6- For tarters, it’s probably incompatible if you didn’t locate the Hulu app using the LG TV’s search features or in the store.  

Only the applications that are available will be shown, so you might need an additional media streaming tool.

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How to download Hulu on LG smart TV?


The Hulu app is available for download on LG, but the media and services you may access will vary based on your subscription and the edition of their app that is compatible with your device. 

Some LG devices are compatible with the most recent version of the Hulu app, which gives you access to all of your subscribed content as well as additional features.

The devices mentioned below already have the Hulu app pre-installed:

  • LG models that have higher than 3.5 webOS
  • Excluding some specific models like- B6, UH76 and some more models of that series range
  • All the models of LG TV are powered by Roku TV, especially the LF5700 series.

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So, if you don’t have Hulu preinstalled, follow this method to manually download them – 

Step 1- enroll in Hulu.

Step 2- Now, simply head on to the Main Screen on your LG Smart Android TV Box once you’re done with the registration.

Step 3- On the LG Smart TV, open the app content store and type “Hulu” into the search bar.

Step 4- To install the application, click “Download.”

Step 5- Install it and then sign in with your Hulu credentials.

Step 6- Hulu will instantly stream on your LG Smart TV.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the downloaded content anytime, anywhere!

Why does hulu not work on my lg smart tv?


Witnessing errors in any digital medium may be due to several reasons. And today we will provide you with a few solutions, so you can return successfully to your app and enjoy the stream-

Method 1

Restart the Hulu app after closing it.

Closing and opening the Hulu App again will usually resolve any freezing issues. 

Step 1- The remote control for each LG TV varies somewhat, but for the majority of LG TVs, you only need to hold the “Home” option.

Step 2- The application appears at the end of the display. 

Step 3- Utilise the directional buttons on your controller to highlight the app.

Step 4- Once it is highlighted, use your controller’s “Up” arrow to move the cursor.

Step 5- The Hulu app will appear with an “X” above it as a result. 

Step 6- The Hulu app will then be closed if you pick the “X” using the centre button.

Method 2

Check the app store for updates.

Step 1- Usually, automatic updates are enabled by default.

Step 2-  And, having the most recent version will make the Hulu app less likely to crash. 

Step 3- So the foremost step is to update

Step 4-  Navigate  to the Settings menu, which is accessible from the main display of the screen.

Step 5-  Next, choose “General,”  and then “About this TV,”

Step 6- And finally, to examine if any updates are pending, by clicking “Check for Updates.”


Can you get Hulu Live on LG Smart TV?

Yes, absolutely. You can easily get the Hulu app on your smart TV and start streaming your amazing movies right away! Some LG televisions have Hulu installed on them. If you have the Hulu app, you can easily login and watch without hassle. However, if you do not see the Hulu app built into your TV, we will surely help you install and run it. Just follow the above steps mentioned. And you can easily stream your shows after a few clicks. 

Does Hulu Live work on LG Smart TV?

LG smart Tv that has the version of 3.5 or webos 3.0 version. They can easily stream Hulu or Hulu Live according to their preferences. Since then, you will get the app inbuilt. Also, if you have Webos 4.0+, then it’s the cherry on the cake.

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