How to Register GEPF self service App & Check Balance?

What is GEPF Self Service App?

The Government Employees Pension Fund is a web platform built to self-serve individuals through their pensions. The scheme allows you to incorporate your personal and pension-related details into the system and it also allows you to track your pension through timelines.

The system is put in place to release old people from the grip of long queues and from making visits to the GEPF offices and also relieves them from calling call centers for every small thing. Above everything else, it prevents red-tapism and unnecessary inducement issues.

gepf self service app download

How to Download GEPF app free on Android & IPhone?

For carrying out the GEPF self-service app download from Apple app store and Google Play store, follow these simple steps for both Androids and iOS devices.

  • Go to the app stores and then search for the app in the search bar.
  • Once you get it click on the Install button for Android devices and on the Get button for iOS devices (iPhone and iPads).
  • Further wait for the installation to complete.

How to Register with GEPF app?

To register with the GEPF app, you will need to click on the self service option and then you will need to follow the prompts.

Have your mail ID, telephone number, pensioner ID, first name and your surname handy. 

Self registration is not yet available. People generally have to follow the batch registration process. The employer usually submits his or her employees’ email IDs and valid telephone number for the batch registration process. Once the email is registered an email is sent to the pensioners.

Once your account has been created, you can go to your account and then change the password to own the account. Further fill-in the necessary details and keep consulting your site for your pension scheme and amounts.

Your username should be a valid pensioner ID number.

How to check my GEPF balance?

Apart from using a calculator to calculate your GEPF balance, you can always request for a GEPF statement. If you have not received your GEPF statement you can always call their helpline number.

Usually, every year, this GEPF statement is issued for everyone and that is also a way to check the GEPF balance.

Additionally, you can go ahead and check it from the benefit section, where you can easily view your banking details and also your balances apart from other details.

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How do I contact GEPF?

For GEPF contact their toll-free number at 0800 117 669 or contact their email address [email protected] is to be contacted.

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