How to Gentstudent App Download [2021]? Features & Public Reviews

What is gentstudent app?

Gentstudent is an account with the Snapchat app. It is extremely popular among the youth and students until the age range of 30 years. Funny photos and videos are shared in the account started by a student from Ghent.

The account is extremely popular with the people of the Netherlands and Belgium. Everybody around these places is aware of the Gentstudent account which now more often is known to be the Gentstudent app. You can find the craziest photos and videos on the Snapchat account every day.

You can submit your content easily to this site and normally 10 photos or videos are posted every day.

How to gentstudent app download?

How to Gentstudent App Download

Gentstudent app mainly based on the content of the Gentstudent account of Snapchat is still in the BETA phase. 

In the BETA phase, one cannot find the stories, chat, post comments, and post option since all are disabled. However, one can create an account and receive updates when required. Registration is possible by simply filling in the name, email, and password (alternatively known as watchword on the site).

  • Go to the Menu Settings and then browse towards security. Check the box which would help download the apk files from unknown or third-party sources. Beta version can also be downloaded easily for the Gentstudent app this way.
  • Once the file is downloaded into your system, you can run the file and then install it on your device.

How to use app?

Using the app is not scheduled till now. 

  • After registering for the site (it has a long registration form and there are 35 required fields to fill), you can log in anytime.
  • Once logged in, you can easily search it using the given criteria- age, gender, online now, and with photo-only options.
  • It also works loosely as a social dating site. Regional searches are possible using your preferred dating location.
  • This way you can trim your requests and create a shorter list for your convenience.
  • You can go to the posts section to find the latest uploads.
  • Currently, with the Beta version, you cannot comment or chat through the posts.


Certain features are being promoted by the app.

  • The website is user-friendly and completely responsive, It enables its use in any of the mobile devices, smartphones, computers, and laptops.
  • The optimized mobile version is what you can surf right now and though it functions as an app, it is still not completely an app.
  • Your profile is completely visible to everyone through the app.
  • Email verification is required with the site. 
  • The terms of service are quite lengthy with the app.


There are huge followers of this site in the Netherlands and Belgium. Every youth is are of the Gentstudent app. Still not an app typically, it is free to use and people find it funny and crazy This is the main reason why the account gained popularity in the first place.

If you wish to use the Gentstudent app beta version, which is not a complete app you will need to understand how it works. It is also a loose dating site, so reviews are sort of mixed for the app. But despite a few negative reviews, the app’s popularity is actually on the rise.

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