[2024] List of Gas stations that take Apple Pay

Do you want to know how to use Apple pay at gas stations in 2024? If yes, this guide has told you to step by step to use apple pay for gas, which gas stations support.

With the great availability of apple pay, there is no need to wait or spend your time at gas stations. Apple pay boosts the payment process for gas at pumps and saves you time. Along with the time saving, apple pay also makes it a convenient payment process for you to pay while gas at gas stations.

The best thing is that apple pay is accepted at all major and well-known gas stations, like Costco, Shell, Wawa, Exxon, Arco, chevron, etc. Apple pay is working under NFC technology to pay at gas pumps. Read the complete article to know how to use apple pay at gas stations correctly.

List of Gas stations accept apple pay at the pump

Gas stations take Apple Pay

Here is a list of several gas stations that accept Apple pay.


2. 7 eleven

3. Amoco/BP

4. Citgo

5. Circle K

6. Conoco

7. Chevron

8. Shell

9. Delta sonic

10. Raceway

11. Kwik Trip

12. Speedway

13. Red apple

14. Valero

15. Sunoco

16. Wawa

17. RaceTrac

18. Kum and Go

19. And many more

Gas stations that take the apple pay for gas

As we told you, the name of all the gas stations above that takes apple pay to pay for gas, and now we would like to give you more information on all gas stations.

1. 7/11

You can easily use Apple pay at stores of 7/11 gas stations while filling your gas tank.


CITGO is one of the well-known gas stations that accept ALEXA-enabled payments. You say to Alexa, pay for gas with apple pay, and successfully make the payment for gas.

3. Exxon Mobil

Locations of Exxon Mobil gas stations in the US take apple pay. You can ask Alexa, pay for gas, and make the payment quickly through the Amazon Alexa app.

4. Costco

You can use apple pay to pay for gas at Costco gas stations if you are a member of this gas station community.

5. Love travel shops

These gas stations introduced a contactless way of payment, like applying pay at all its locations, in 2020.

6. Conoco

Most of the stores of Conoco gas stations accept apple pay. When you visit the pump, you have to look at the contactless store or apple pay reader, then use apple pay.

7. Shell

All the gas stations in the shell take apple pay. Simply you have to link apple pay to the shell app and pay for gas.

8. RaceTrac

 This gas station is situated in the south, and you take apple pay to purchase gas here.

9. Sunoco

This gas station also accepts Apple pay at all its stores. You can easily use Apple Pay from the Sunoco app or an iPhone device.

10. Speedway

It is easy for users to use Apple pay at all locations of speedway gas stations. This gas station has more than 3000 locations in 36 states.

11. Texaco

Most modern Texaco gas stations accept Apple pay. According to the Texaco website reports, you should use Paypal or Venmo if you pay for gas on the Texaco app.

12. Valero

The wide stores of Valero gas stations take apple pay. You can easily use the apple pay at Valero app to get a 10% discount on every gallon of gas.

13. Travel center of America

Travel center of America is the great stop for long-haul trackers that have taken apple pay for many years.

14. Wawa

Wawa gas stations and all its stores conveniently take apple pay. It is like a hot sandwich packed with gravy, turkey, cranberry, and stuffing, on a hoagie roll.

Do gas stations take apple pay cash?

Yes, gas stations also take apple pay cash. Among the payment methods, you can also choose apple cash to pay for gas at gas stations. This method of payment also works well, but ensure to check enough balance in your apple cash account to pay hold charges for gas.

It is important to check the balance in your apple pay account if you choose apple cash pay as your payment method. Hold charge is the approximate amount debited to check whether you have enough balance on your apple pay card. This hold charge may reverse later, and only the payable amount for gas is debited.

How to use Apple Pay at the gas station?

You can use your iPad, iPhone, or apple watch to pay at the gas station by using apple pay. It is a safe method because there is no need to share credit or debit information. Here are the easy steps that tell you the way to use apple pay at gas stations

  1. Check the contactless symbol at gas stations
  2.  Move to apple wallet on your device
  3. Double-click on the side button
  4. Now, you have to verify the process. Double-click on the side button if you have applied your Face ID on your phone. After this, you have to authenticate yourself with your passcode or face. If you apply the touch ID on your phone, you can keep your finger on the ID sensor.
  5. Keep your device on the symbol.
  6. This is how you can easily make the payment with apple pay at gas stations

Payment methods allowed at Gas Stations

You must have an apple device to use apple pay at gas stations. The gas stations allow you to use alternative payment methods in this situation. Here are the payment method allowed to make payments for gas at gas stations

  • Venmo
  • Alexa
  • Zelle
  • PayPal
  • Samsung pay

You can use this payment method if your device does not allow you to use Apple pay at gas stations.


Today, many grocery stores, travel businesses, entertainment, and gas stations take apple pay. All the well-known gas stations mentioned above in this article accept apple pay because of its ease of use and convenient payment mode.

Is tap pay allowed at gas stations?

Yes, you can use the tap to pay contactless payment methods at mobile and Exxon gas stations. You can use the Exxon mobile rewards app, say to Alexa, pay for gas to enable the device, and tap to pay with your device. 


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