How to Play Garena Free Fire Online Without Download [New Method]?

Last updated on February 15th, 2022 at 01:47 pm

Welcome Gamers, Today, I will tell you How to play free fire game online. Yes, In this article, you are going to see Garena Game Online Play without downloading it.

What is Garena free fire game?

The Garena Free Fire Game is a survivor’s game. Each 10-minute session is going to place you on an island where you must fight 49 others to survive. Choosing a starting point will be in the hands of the player, and the parachute will drop you in your location. 

You will also be given a vehicle, drive it to explore the place covered within the map, hide anywhere in the wild and choose to be invisible by hiding in grass or rifts. There is just one goal you need to achieve, and that is the goal to survive.

garena free fire download jio phone

It is very popular action game similar to Pubg mobile game. Multiplayer game where you can compete with players all over the world.

The game has very high-quality graphics and a lot of features that result in an increase in the size of the game. So, most of the gamers want to play it free online without installing.

If you want this game in your pc then Download for pc version

How to play Garena free fire online without download?

Method 1.

The complete game cannot be played online without downloading it. However, you can play a lot of it on Chrome with the help of an extension.

Step 1: On your Google Chrome browser, install the ARC Welder extension.

Step 2: Add the extension to your Chrome browser, and with the extension, in place, you no longer need an emulator. The extension itself works as an emulator.

Step 3: Restart the browser to begin afresh a session and select D Drive to save the data.

Step 4: Download the Free Fire version of Garena and then click on the test tab to run the Garena Free Fire on your app.

Method 2.

  • Visit YaksGames
  • After visiting, you will see a game similar to free fire and pubg.
  • Click on Play Button
  • Game will start connecting to server
  • Soon, you will see click to play option
  • Also, you will see a menu bar from where you can do required settings
  • Change Outfits and much more
  • Start playing online free now and enjoy.

Alternate Option

There is one more option for you. If you have low specification mobile phone like Jio phone then you can check our article on how to install game for Jio phone users


Can we play Free Fire online without downloading?

There is not much you can do without downloading the game. However, the Garena Free Fire game is a wonderful game to play when bored or if you want to run real tricks of survival. Go through the details and you will know more about it here.

How can I play Free Fire on my browser?

Follow the above procedure to initiate the Garena Free Fire game on your browser, and this way, you can experience the game better.

How many players play Garena free fire?

Almost 80 million players are playing the game right now. Each game will have 49 other players whom you must defeat to survive the wild.


The Garena Free Fire Game is a wonderful experience where survival is at stake. You must choose your doings every minute to ensure survival in the process, and in this article, we show you how you can play it on your browser for free

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