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Hello, If you are a zombie game lover then you are going to love this android “Plants vs Zombies FREE”. The concept of the game is totally unique and it is an addictive game.

In this article, I will tell you everything related to this game like wiki, Game features, gameplay videos, Unlimited sun, unlimited plants unlock, etc along with full version download link of this game.

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About game

plants vs zombies free game download

In this game, you need to stop the zombies to reach your doorsteps. For this, you need to soil plants on the way to your home. You can shoot with these plants to zombies and kill them.

There are more than 49 zombie-zapping plants available including peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and much more.

Also, there are more than 26 types of zombies available from weaker to stronger. Shoot them with plants and kill them before they reach to your house.

Game plants vs zombies battle for neighborville golden chest location are really interesting.

It is really fun to shoot the zombies with plants and it is an addictive game that you are really going to enjoy. Also, read about game wiki.

Unlimited Sun

All gameplay videos

Sun plays an important role in this game. It is the source of energy for the plants. killing zombies will give you unlimited sun energy and you can plant more.

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Unlimited All Plants

There are almost 50+ different plants in the game. And each one has its own shooting power and capabilities.

Game Feature

50+ Levels

There are 50+ levels in the game and more levels and features are on the way.

Getting through all these levels is going to be adventurous for you. You have to survive in the day, night, fog, etc.

The levels are going to be tougher and interesting.

If you love challenging games then tighten your belts and accept the challenge to clear the level of this android game.

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50+ Plants

There are 50+ plants to shoot the zombies. You need to collect the coins to soil your plants in the garden to save your house from zombies.

The more you will kill zombies, the more you will get coins.

After collecting enough coins, you can soil more plants and make your side stronger than zombies.

You can also buy pet snails using the coins that will help you to save your house from zombies.

Be smarter than zombies

Use your mind and use your seeds and supply of greens carefully.

Zombies are smart. They can jump, run, dance, swim and they also try to eat your plants to enter the house.

So, soil the plants carefully in the right place and when needed. Be alert and focus to win.

Coins Pack

The game also allows you to buy coins pack of 600,000 with real money. You can check the prices in the menu.

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