How to Check FSU application status (Step by Step Guide)?

What is FSU application portal?

The FSU application is accepting applications for spring, fall and summer. However, some of the academic programs are right now accepting applications only for one term. Florida State University is one of the most premier educational organizations in the world. Every year the University opens up the application process for many programs and students from across continents come around to pursue different courses in the University.

They have a graduate application portal that can be accessed from this location. If you have already applied and seek to know your application status read the below process.

How to do FSU application status check?

FSU application status check

For the FSU application status check, these essential steps must be followed.

  1. Visit the site link given here for an FSU status check online.
  2. Next log in using your login credentials like your email address and password.
  3. After logging in, you will have to click on the Application Status tab.
  4. Click on the current application to know more about its status.

FSU application fee

The application fee is $30 when going through the common application and the coalition application process; you will have to additionally pay an extra $5. The application fee is the same for the international as well as residents or natives of the United States.

FSU application deadline

If a student submits the application form up to November 1, 2021, they will hear from the University about an admission decision within 17th February 2022.

Students completing the application form after 1st November will get a decision about their application only by 1st March from the University.

FSU application requirements

To complete the application process, one must fulfil the below requirements.

  1. The International students must complete the International school form wherein they have to inform the University more about their country’s or school’s education curricula.
  2. One must self-report all the SAT and ACT scores.
  3. You must upload the essay that you are supposed to write for the school you are applying to.
  4. Add your resume and also add your activity list.
  5. Academic records need to be submitted.
  6. All certified copies of every academic record must be submitted.
  7. Official English proficiency test results must also be submitted.
  8. Internet based TOEFL must have an 80 score,
  9. Paper based TOEFL must be 550,
  10. Academic IELTS should be 6.5,
  11. Personal Test for English must be 55,
  12. Michigan Language Assembly test must be 55,
  13. Duolingo when given must have a score of 120,
  14. Cambridge C1 advance level or C2 proficiency must have a 120 score,
  15. FSU CIES must have a completion score of Level 8.


The FSU is one of the best Universities and if you are aiming to submit an application in FSU, then you must read the points covered in this article. For further questions, you can call them, mail them, or read through the portal.


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