How to do friends2support App registration? (Complete Guide)

People looking for blood donors or blood donations need to move to the globe’s largest organization known as the app. The organization works across the world, starting with Yemen, Malaysia, Oman, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and surely our country, India.

As an organization they aim to achieve a society where blood is no longer an issue for people’s health and lives. They already have 5, 00,000 voluntary blood donors and aim to reach the 10 million mark in no time.

Read more about the app here.


Here are a few of the salient features that are essential and must be known about the app when planning to use it: Primarily, these features guide you to understand what is possible through the use of this Friends2Support app.

  • A blood donor search using the app can be done location wise.
  • Registration of blood donors is possible soon after OTP verification.
  • Donors and the people requiring it can contact each other. Specifically, someone who needs blood can contact the donor easily.
  • Logging into the profile, editing the profile, altering passwords, and removing profiles are easy with the use of the app.

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The benefit of using the Friends2Support app includes its ability to create a common platform for blood donors and individuals with a blood requirement. Raising awareness and conceptualising the widespread need, irrespective of caste and creed, is the main goal of this organization.

You can use the app on Android, iOS, Java, and Windows platforms. The design and layout of the Friends2Support app are quite user-friendly. They are also raising awareness all around the countries, and each of these countries has its own localized blood donation unit.

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How to do friends2support registration?

The Friends2Support registration form opens up easily with just one click on this link.

  • Fill out the registration form and add your service organization’s name, service category, service sector, and type in the given segments.
Registration Form
  • Add the following details in the given segments: mobile number, landline number, state, district, city, organization, website, and address of the organization.
Contact Details F2S
  • Organization’s emails ID, add your details, and also add the details about the organization in the next segment.
Organiztion details

How to use app?

You can use the app in the following ways:

  • After you register, you will get an OTP, which you need to fill in, and once your registration is confirmed, you can move ahead.
  • The next step is to search for a blood donor. Add the blood donor group, choose country, state, district, and city, and then click the search option.
  • You can also post your blood request by clicking on the tab on the website.
  • Search for a service organization in your service category, state, district, and city.
service organization search

Who is owner?

Five IT-working friends Shaik Shareef, Eswar S. Phani, Kethamakka, Naveen Reddy, and Murali Krishna are the founders of the organization. They are from Narsaraopet, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. They were employed in different countries and were working as software engineers.

Contact number

Find the contact details here.

Friends2support app review

Google Playstore reviews and gives a rating of 4.6, and Apple gives a rating of 5.0.

This app has done good and people have benefited a lot from it. It is how the app supports people, and thus, you need to surf through the app.

If we are to give a review, you need to understand that the app will do well with a review. The review rating cannot be less than 4.5 for this Friend2Support app.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best blood donor group?

Group O is the best blood donor group, and Group O is known as the universal donor.

Which are the social media sites where you can find more about the Friends2support app?

Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS are the ways to spread the message of the Friends2Support app.

What kind of organization is the Friends2support app?

It is a nonprofit organization and hospitals and healthcare are the primary owners of the Friends2Support app.

What is the Friends2support app team comprising of?

The Friends2Support app team has their founders, technical team, field volunteers, and campaign team. It is the way people are serving the site.


Here is the Friends2Support app, and all about it is helping people without worrying about caste, creed, or other restricting factors. Find out more about the Friends2Support app here and read about it. Go through their website and use it to your complete benefit.

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