Free Frenzi App for Android (Check Frenzi Owner details)

Frenzi is the new app in town. It allows you to explore new video content and share it with your friends. Thus, it’s a one-stop social cum streaming platform.

Today, there are innumerable OTT platforms starting from American and international platforms like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and several Indian and local platforms like Sonyliv, Voot, Zee5, etc.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult for viewers to find the right content and to keep on subscribing to all the new platforms again and again. To mitigate this problem, the Frenzy app has been introduced to Indian audiences and viewers.

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Frenzi app Details

  • Frenzi makes it easy to search the right content across more than 60 OTT platforms.
  • It provides a customized guide for users to learn where are the movies and series are legally available to view.
  • It helps to know what your friends are watching.
  • Frenzy offers unified and personalised recommendations.
  • It offers AI based recommendation for unexplored content.
  • It helps to earn Frenzy points that can exchanged for OTT platform subscriptions.
  • You can earn Frenzy points and rewards as your stream, connect and share with friends.
  • Frenzy offers multilingual support.
  • You can also become a micro influencer on this platform.

Frenzi app founder name?

Frenzi app owner is Balakrishna Hari Singh. He is the founder and the CEO of the Frenzi company.

Frenzi app which country?

The app has been introduced in India for Indian viewers.

How to Frenzi app download?

Frenzi app download is possible from the Play Store or App Store.

Frenzi app subscription details

At the moment, there is no subscription needed to access Frenzi. But the Frenzy app offers great deals on subscriptions of various OTT platforms and several bundle packages. 

App Review

The Frenzy app has been installed by more than 1,00,000 users from Google Play alone and users have found this app useful to find the content of OTT platforms easily.

The app is simple and easy to use. Users love this app as it also helps to earn Frenzy points that can be exchanged for OTT platform subscriptions. The app enjoys a rating of 2.3 on Google Play and 3.7 on the App Store.

Frenzy app share price details

The Frenzy app company is still private and has not gone public. Thus, it is still not listed on NSE & BSE and hence there is no share price available yet.


Is Frenzi app free?

Yes, the frenzy app is completely free to use but the apps contain advertisements.

Is Frenzi app safe?

Yes, the Frenzy app is safe, secure, genuine, and legit to use. The app has good privacy policies and gives warnings in case of adult content.

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