Why is my freeform app not working “Solution”?

The freeform app is considered the complete package for people who have never involved the lot into sketching and drawing. This is the new app launched by apple. Freeform apps provide great ways to scan documents, gather ideas, and collaborate on a project with friends.

Despite all the rich features, the freeform app provides a clear user interface and makes it easy for users to use. But sometimes, apple users need help with the freeform app and cannot work with it.

If you also face any problem with the freeform app that does not work, then here is the solution for you. Keep reading the whole post and dive into solutions to fix any problem with the freeform app. 

Why is my freeform app not working “Solution.”

freeform app not working

There are three major reasons why the freeform app is not working

  • Random freezing
  • App crashing
  • Not able to share the freeform project with others

Here are the fixes to resolve the problem when your freeform app is not working.

  1. Restart the iPhone

The best way to fix the major problem of the freeform app is to reboot your device. By restarting your device, you can easily come out of all troubleshooting issues and take the freeform app under use. 

  1. Stop the force of freeform apps.

If the freeform app crashes while watching the videos, then the best solution is to stop the force of the freeform app. It is also the best solution if your freeform app faces the problem of random freezing.

  1. Reset your iPhone

Another best and easy solution to fix the problem of the freeform apps is to reset your iPhone. This best solution can quickly resolve the issue and give you better chances to use the freeform app again in an easy way. 

  1. Update the software

Sometimes, a hidden software bug comes to your freeform app if it was not updated for a long time. So, you must update the freeform app, solve the problems, and take it under use again.

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 Why does the freeform app keep crashing?

The app cashing is not a big problem. Sometimes the freeform app crashes, and videos are not playing properly. There are various reasons behind this problem. If you are facing crashing issues on the freeform app while watching the videos, here are the reasons for this problem.

  • When the device is not meet the essential system requirements
  • Sometimes the freeform crashing also occurs when multiple apps are launched on your devices
  • When your freeform app is not updated, then also it faces the crashing problems 
  • If you cache the data of the freeform app for a short time.

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Freeform app not working on firestick “Solution.”

When you watch the freeform on firestick, it sometimes shows an error message. The reason behind the freeform not working on firestick is that if any discrepancy occurs with your TV provider location or account. When there is a problem in the Tv provider’s services, it will show an error message.

If you also see the error message 013-130, you should clear the cache and data of the freeform app you want to use on a firestick. Here are the simple ways to clear the app data and cache. 

  • Go to settings from the home screen of your devices
  • Click on applications, and then you have to manage all the installed apps
  • Tap on the firestick app, where you get the error messages
  •  Now, clear the cache of the app.

After clearing the data and cache of firestick, if the freeform app still needs to be fixed, you have to contact the right TV provider to ensure the following things.

  • There is no parental control associated with the TV provider account. If it associates, then you have to remove it.
  • The channel to which you want to make access is indulged into it. If not, then you have access to freeform content.


Many people use freeform apps to watch the latest episodes and Tv shows. But sometimes, the problem of crashing and glitches comes from the network connection, multiple devices, not updating the app, etc.

Why is Freeform glitching?

Sometimes the freeform app glitches due to the network being congested, you may use the many applications on your freeform app, or you need a stable network connection.

What devices support Freeform?

Multiple devices support the freeform app. You can freely download the freeform app on streaming and mobile platforms, including Roku, fire Tv, Apple Tv, Android, etc. 

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