How to install Frank Speech App for Android, iOS [2024]

Frank Social Media App is launched on 16th April 2021.

The app is claimed to be working as a free speech app with no restrictions on people’s thought process.

It is supposed to be working as a hybrid between Twitter and You Tube.

Lindell was banned from social media by late January for misinforming about elections and so Mike Lindell’s website showed up the launch of a Frank speech social media platform called Frank App.

What is Frank Social Media App?

Frank Social Media App download

Frank App has welcomed people to submit their mobile phone number to receive a VIP invitation during the planned launch of the app.

However, people were restricted from submitting the phone number again and again since the app is trying to prevent spam. It is right now surrounded by so many issues, that the app could not be launched in due time.

Right now, there is a static page on the website and by April 20th the group is trying to bring out the app.

How to Frank speech app Download?

Frank speech platform with the app can be downloaded when launched from Apple Appstore. would also serve as the download point.

Frank speech Mike Lindell had planned to launch it and till date the app could not go live as of now.

1. Frank speech app Android download

For Frank app download, it is done very easily through the use of a third-party server.

  1. Step

    Now, all you have to do is go to your Menu>Settings>Security>download apps from unknown sources.

  2. Step

    Now go to any third party appstore which is giving access to the app and then click on the download button.

  3. Step

    Once downloaded click to run and install the app.

  4. Step

    When the app is installed, you can use it.

2. Frank speech app iPhone, iOS

Once the app is launched, an official version of the app will also be launched for iOS users.

Once the app is available on Appstore you can easily download the app for your ease.

Steps would not vary much from the way any other app is downloaded from the Appstore.

  • Go to the Appstore and click on the search option.
  • Type Frank speech app on the Search tab.
  • Once you are able to find the app, click on the Install link.
  • Give it sometime and then you can start using the app by registering yourself on it.

Frank the voice of free speech Features

Frank is considered to be an intermediate of Twitter and You Tube. It means the app would be a video, audio and a writing platform where people would be free to express.

The world was quite taken aback by the admittance by the app creators when word spread that the app could be used for use of open to porn expressions, swear words use and issuance of death threats as well and nothing on this site would be considered illegal.

How to use Frank social media website?

Nothing about its use is much known except the fact that the app would be extremely user friendly in design and can be used for free expression of speech. 

There would be a writing and typing board and there would also be a video uploading platform which will help to upload any number of video and audio files as many as a person wants to upload, in short there would be no restriction to how many times a person uses the messaging and video uploading services during the day.


The app launch would initiate the use of the app by common public and it would be free for review and then reviews would come in.

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