Ford Service Credit Card login & Pay Bill Payment Now

To make your ford maintenance and servicing easy, ford has come with the ford service credit card. So whenever you visit a ford service center and use a credit card, you can save money. This credit card is only applicable for ford and its dealers, so you cannot use it everywhere.

Ford Automotive Service credit card

People who are loyal customers of ford automobiles have already started using this credit card. As the usage of cards increases, another thing that increases is the questions related to its bill payments. So here are some most asked questions from the users of the ford service credit card.

How to do Ford Service Credit Card Login?

Credit cards are a real treat for you if you know how to use them. One of the important aspects of using the credit card at its peak is to be aware of its services and bill payments. To fulfill that aspect, you must use the official website of the ford service credit card. To use the website, you must use your credentials to log in. So here are a couple of easy steps to log in for the ford services credit card.

Step 1: search for “ford credit card login” on your browser, or you can simply click below login now button to open the website directly.

Step 2: enter your details like your username and password. Now click on the “Sign In” option, and you are done with the process.

Ford credit card login

How to Ford Service Credit Card Pay Bill Payment?

Consumers are next to godliness. That is why the company never wishes that their customers should suffer any problems. Thus the thought process remains the same when it comes to the payment of credit card bills. This is where the company tries to come up with ideas like multi-payment options. 

Here are the Four easiest ways by which you can complete your payment of Ford service credit cards –

First method-

Pay through online portal: One can visit the official website of ford services. There you can put up your credentials and once log in you can pay your bills.

Second Method-

Contact the customer service of the company: You can get in touch with the customer service of the company using either your registered number or any other contact. One can easily get customer service numbers in FAQs

Third Method-

Pay via Sending mail: One of the oldest and safest ways is to pay your bill via mail. Though it is a time-consuming method one can easily rely on the same.

Forth Method-

Walk into the store: One can even pay the bills by going to the store in person. In this way, you can avoid the online payment method.

Late Payment Fees & Interest rate

The interest rate of a ford credit card depends on the money you keep or spend. If you have up to $15000 then the rate is 0.45% if between $15k to $50k then 0.50% and if more than 50k you have an interest rate of 0.55%. 

The late fees for the ford credit card are 5% of the total due amount. If you are a truck or heavy vehicle owner then you have to pay 4% of the total due amount as the late fees.

How to cancel a Ford Service credit card?

Having a credit card will save you in many ways. You can pay later for such things which you are buying using a credit card. Each credit card comes with its pros to every customer. You can save money if you know how to use a credit card. That’s the prime reason we will stop you from closing any of your credit cards.

However, if you are looking to close all the services related to a credit card then you can contact our customer support. They will take you from this process very smoothly and will assist you to close the card.

Customer Service Number

If you have doubts regarding servicing or maintenance of your ford credit card, then you can contact: 800-727-7000 and they will guide you through your problems.


What is Ford Service Credit card payment Mailing Address?

You can send mail at Ford Credit P.O. Box 542000 Omaha, NE 68154.

What is Ford Service Credit card Payment Phone Number?

You can call 1-800-334-1161 In order to pay your credit bills.

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