How to register FlexShopper App? (Check Requirements)

What is FlexShopper app?

FlexShopper is changing the way furniture, electronic goods, and other items are being used for rent-to-own purposes.

Most people turn to brick-to-own brick-and-mortar showrooms, where they just have a few options to choose from, however, with the Flex Shoppers you have so many options to consider.

How to apply flex shopper app? How it works

There are 1, 40,000 new brand name items available with Flex Shoppers. These items are all taken from, Walmart, Best buy,

With flexshopper app, lease-to-own agreements are offered for one year which is renewed every year and that is how people can continue using the items smoothly on rent. The app has a direct deduction payment option using which consumers can sleep in peace and need not worry about paying the registered amount each year for the next renewal.

How to APPLY for FlexShopper?

To apply for FlexShopper, you’ll need to fill out an easy application form which consists of the following fields. It’s free to fill-up the form and send them for verification. Drop the following details into the form.

  • – Name
  • – Age
  • – Date of Birth
  • – Address
  • – Job details
  • – Identity details
  • – A few other details about your requirements would also be needed to be filled.
  • – Protect it with a password and re-verify it once you’ve filled it.


One needs to be fulfilling a few required criteria before he or she plans to apply for the Flex Shopper facility.

– The person must be 18 years of age and above.

– One needs to reside in the United States (except New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Wyoming).

– If they have a valid checking account that is completely functional.

– They have a valid SSN, ITIN, phone number, and a proper address.

– They currently hold a source of income.

 How to use Flex Shopper on Amazon?

How Does it WORK?

With FlexShopper App, there is no money loss and offers easy weekly payment, there are no advance payment schemes and no hidden charges and even if you have a bad credit history, they are fine with it.

– With the app, you get an option of an instant spending limit of $2500.

– Next, you will have to select the products which you wish to have in your home.

– Once you have found your product from the product list, you can next, click on the item.

– It takes you to the lease agreement attached to the item in the app. Read, it, sign it and approve it. Then pay the price and you’re all set to receive the product for your new home.

How to FlexShopper app Download on Android & iOS?

Downloading the Flex Shopper app for Android and iOS is easy.

  • All you have to do is, go to the Google Play Store and Apple app store and then search for the app.
  • Once you have the app, simply download it and wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Ensure you have a steady Wi-Fi or mobile data connection while you’re trying to download the app.

FlexShopper REVIEWS?

People are contended with FlexShopper reviews and are amazed to find the functionality of the app easy and user-friendly.

Consumers are leaving good reviews for the app and that way Flex Shopper is becoming popular very easily among people.

FlexShopper Phone number/Contact details?

When you visit the Flex Shopper website, you will get an option to chat with a Chatbot, and redirection from there is possible if your problem is unique.

Additionally, you can also write to [email protected].

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