Flekstore iOS App Download | Install flekstore cydia & minecraft App

What is Flekstore iOS app store?

With the help of Flekstore, you can easily download and install third-party apps without jailbreaking your iOS device. You can either opt for the Flekstore old version or the latest version. With a Flekstore premium account, you can download stable apps very easily.

How to Flekstore download free?

How to Flekstore download free

The below points will help you to download the app with the Flekstore premium account.

– On the Safari browser, click on the Install button.

– A Flekstore page will open which will provide you to install the link directly on your iOS device.

– Click on Install and when asked to enter Passcode, enter it.

– After entering the Passcode, click on the Install button again and then wait for the process to complete.

– Wait for a few minutes for the app to download before you open it.

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How to install Minecraft from flekstore.com iOS Appstore?

install cydia Minecraft from flekstore.com

– Click on the Minecraft app.

– Now click on the Download link.

– Once the app is downloaded, you can simply start using the app since the app does not require human verification.

How to get Cydia on Flekstore?

To get Flekstore Cydia, follow the below steps.

– Click on the Cydia app, and tap on the Install button.

– Tap on the Passcode with your Touch ID.

– Tap on Done after the installation is done.

– Click on the Start button.

– Tap on Tweaks on the home screen.

– Open Flekstore Cydia after the installation process is complete.

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Flekstore alternative

Hackstore, iSpirit, Mojo, LinkStore and Zestia are some of the best alternatives.

Is flekstore.com safe?

Flekstore.com is a completely safe app.

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