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Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 12:17 pm

It is a free puzzle game and it is also known as “Spot the differences”, “Find the differences”, “Difference game”. In this android game, you have to find five differences between two images otherwise identical.

If you are here and reading this article then definitely you are a puzzle game lover and it is one of the best puzzle games because of its uniqueness. It is famous all over the world and has more than 500k+ downloads.

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Gameplay Guide

Find the differences is a puzzle game and In this game, you need to find the differences in the pictures.

You will see two pictures on the screen that seems to be equal. But there will be minor changes in between those two pictures. You have to find those differences.

This game needs your full concentration and observation skills. This game is going to sharp your mind and will definitely improve your thinking power.

There are 750+ levels in this android puzzle game and all are unlocked. So, you can explore all its 750+ levels.

Find the Differences 750+

Game Rules

No time limit

There is no time limit in this game so, you can take as much time you want to find the difference.

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Unlimited Hints

The best part is that you will get unlimited hints in the game. So don’t worry if you are a beginner.

HD Pictures

The pictures in the game are of high definition and HD images. So, the pictures will be clear.


You can zoom the images to spot the difference in the picture.

Portrait and Landscape

You can also portrait and landscape the images.

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