Famous footwear credit card login & Pay Bill Payment

With them, you can buy shoes from brands like Crocs, Converse, Skechers, Birkenstock, Adidas, and so many more. If you buy shoes regularly from them, why don’t you opt for their credit card? The Famous Footwear credit card gives you rewards, discounts, and freedom while shopping from them.

Whether you have a credit card from them or you don’t, you can check out this blog. It provides you with information about the login process, online and offline payment processes. With the credit card, you get to enjoy the loyalty points and also have an option to earn back from the credit card.

Late Payment Fee$41
Returned Payment Fee$41
InterestNo interest amount is to be paid if the amount is paid within 6/12 months. Interest is charged otherwise on the purchase APR of 26.99%.
Cardholder FeeNA
Interest Free PeriodMinimum 25 days

How to do Famous footwear credit card login?

If you want to login to the Famous Footwear account, you must add your username and password. Soon after, click on the Sign-in tab to complete the login process.

famous footwear credit card login

If you do not have an account, you need to register with them an account for yourself. You must press the Register Now tab to complete the registration process.

famous footwear credit card pay bill payment

Add your credit card number, ZIP/Postal code, identification type, and the ending four numbers to the identification card.

payment mailing address famous footwear

Without having a credit card with them, you cannot create an online account. Once you press the Find my account tab, you will reach your account that you must complete. Follow the prompts to complete the credit card application.

How to Pay Famous footwear credit card bill Payment?

Online payments are possible through the Easy Pay option and also by logging into your account.

Press on the Easy Pay tab to pay your bills. Add your credit card number, ZIP or Postal code, identification type, and the ending four digits of the identification card. This provision is good for those who do not have the credit card number with them at that point.

payment phone number famous footwear

Simultaneously, you can also login to your account and go through the following tabs to complete the process.

  • Move to the Pay Bill segment and tap on the Pay Bill tab.
  • To pay the bill, add your billing details like your current account and routing number.
  • Press on the Pay Bill option to complete the bill payment.

Payment mailing address & Phone Number

Press on the Pay Bill option after dialing the 888-869-1053 number. Follow the prompts to complete the payment or ask for directions to pay by phone. You can also call the credit card number present at the back of your credit card.

For the payment mailing address, you must write a mail with your bill and check/money order to…

Comenity Bank,
PO Box 182273 situated at Columbus,

Card Benefits

With the Famous Footwear reward credit card, you can earn benefits that can together fill your pocket.

  • You can earn a $5 reward for every $100 that you will spend.
  • If you can collect 100 points, you get an additional $5.
  • With a credit card, you can earn free shipping with no minimum requirements.
  • Birthday reward cash will be available for many.
  • You will also get extra cash and different perks for owning a credit card.

How to cancel Famous Footwear credit card?

To cancel the Famous Footwear credit card, you need to call 1-800-433-0091, TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918 or send them a message via Secure Message Center.

Customer service Number

The customer service number is 1-800-433-0091 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918) for Famous Footwear credit card.


With the Famous Footwear credit card, you can make a lot of savings. Savings from converting points to cash or through different rewards are offered from time to time. The Famous Footwear credit card brings you rewards, savings, and also stylish shoes for your feet.

payment mailing address

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