How to set up Express Plus Medicare app & download certificate?

The Express Plus Medicare app offers you an online platform for performing Medicare-related activities. The app is operational 24 x 7 days, and one needs to have a MyGov account connected to the Express Plus Medicare app. The MyGov sign-in details and MyGov PIN needs to be used for future sign-ups.

How to set up Express Plus Medicare app?

Express Plus Medicare app

Setting up the app requires completing a few steps.

  1. Choose sign-in and then browse through the Express plus Medicare terms and conditions.
  2. Next, sign in using your My Gov details.
  3. Create or use your MyGov PIN for regularly signing up on your device.

How to download Express Plus Medicare mobile app?

Downloading the Express Plus Medicare mobile app is possible on both Android and iOS devices.

For Android

The easiest way to download Android applications is by using the Google Playstore. The Google Playstore allows users to install the app without applying any effort. Next press the Install tab and get the app for your device.

For iOS

Apple users can use the Apple appstore to download iOS applications. Click the Get tab to download and install the Express plus Medicare app on your device.

How to get Express Plus Medicare app digital certificate?

You can include the Express plus Medicare app digital certificate either into a digital wallet or the State-wise check-in app.

Either use the mobile app or login to the online account to add the Medicare digital certificate. To include it in a digital wallet, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Add your certificate either to the Apple Wallet or Google Pay using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app.
  • From Services, choose the proof of vaccinations tab.
  • Now find out the View History section and then click on your name.
  • Further click on the view option for the COVID-19 digital certificate.
  • If you use an Apple device, then choose Add to your Apple Wallet. If you use Android devices, then select the Save to phone option.

2. When using the online web portal option through MyGov, this is what you can do.

  • Use the MyGov sign-in details and then select the Medicare option.
  • From the vaccination proof, choose the view proof option.
  • Choose the view history option and then click on your name.
  • Choose either save to Apple wallet option for your iPhone or add to phone through the Google Pay option.

In the same way, you can save the COVID-19 digital certificate in a State check-in app like Service Victoria.

Is Express Plus Medicare app free?

The Express Plus Medicare app is free to use and download. It is absolutely fee-free and charges nothing for using the Express Plus Medicare app.


The Express Plus Medicare app is valuable and quite a help for those who use the Medicare program. Learn more about the app from here and learn how you can save the certificate into your app.

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