Exodus Live Tv App for Android, iOS [2024]

Exodus live TV apk is a paid Android streaming app, which can be used to watch live TV channels. It is a channel provider in the US, UK and certain other regions. It stands out in the crowd due to its buffer-free 720p and 1080p streams.

It has different sections- sports, religion, music, programming and documentaries. It also streams premium channels and also has a separate movie section.

You can do a lot with it even use it for Exodus live TV apk Troy point access.

How to Exodus Live Tv Apk Download?

How to Exodus Live Tv App Apk Download

 1. Exodus App apk download for Android?

Exodus live for Android can be downloaded by going through the below steps.

– First, you need to go to Menu>Settings>Security>and then check the box which enables you to download apps from unknown sources.

– Next, you will need to install a download manager to help facilitate the download.

– Click open the ES Explorer and choose download manager from the Tools. You would see a + sign at the bottom.

– The explorer would allow you to incorporate the pathname of the file to begin downloading it.

– Enter the URL, kodiconfig.com/2.0.apk.

– After downloading is complete you will get an option to Open the File.

– Once you open the file click to install it.

– Now you can watch any number of channels according to your preference.

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2. Exodus live tv app Download for iOS, iPhone?

Exodus app is not available for download on any iOS or iPhone device and is to date not compatible with it.

How to install Exodus TV app on Firestick?

How to install Exodus TV app on Firestick

To install the Exodus app on Firestick you can use one of the two ways.

  1. You can type IPVanish on the Fire Stick search box.

  2. For Android boxes also, you can search on Play Store.

  3. Once the app appears, you have to click on the Get button.

  4. IPVanish would now begin to download.

  5. Launch it in your system and use it for yourself.

To install the Exodus live TV app firestick, you can also follow the below procedure. 

– From your device home screen select Settings and from it choose My Fire TV/Device.

– Then browse through the Developer option.

– Click on check downloading of apps from unknown sources and also click on ADB debugging.

– Now you can download the app.

– From the Main Menu, click on the Search option and then click on Downloader.

– Downloader would be your first suggestion and then you have to select it.

– Click on Get to install the app on your Firestick.

Next, you can also use the below method.

– Paste the link https://kodiconfig.com/Exodus2.0.apk on the URL field.

– Once Exodus TV starts downloading wait for some time.

– Now click to install it, and once installed click done.

– Now after installation, delete the apk to save a small space.


Can you watch live TV on Exodus?

Surely live TV can be watched on Exodus.

What app lets you watch live TV for free?

There are several live TV apps for free but Exodus TV apk is capable of streaming 720p and 1080p channels for free. So, if you are planning to slash down your cable charges, you can easily do so by paying a small fee to get the Exodus.

What is the best APK for live TV?

Exodus apk is the best app for live TV.

How do I watch live TV app?

You can watch the live TV app by downloading the Exodus apk for your Android smart TV and on Firestick. However, Exodus live does not work on Apple TV for which you might need some other app.

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