ESIC Portal Application Login for Employer & Employee?

ESIC stands for the Employee State Insurance Corporation. It is a governing body created by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. It manages Employee State Insurance (ESI) schemes. Under this ESI act, almost all Indian workers are provided various benefits. However, both the employee and employer contribute to this scheme.

The ESIC portal application is the form that every employee must fill out and submit to take the ESI scheme’s benefits.

How to get esic portal application form?

ESIC Portal Application Login for Employer

The candidates can find the esic portal application form online on the official site of ESI corporation. There they can apply for the ESIC recruitment exam. Also, their official website is the only means of finding the form.

How to do esic application sign up?

There are specific requirements and eligibility criteria for registering in the ESIC. Once you meet them, you can follow the procedure to register yourself in the ESIC. For registration, go to the login portals of either employee or employer based on your profession. Then find the option for new registration and click on it. Finally, follow the guidelines, and get the registration confirmation mail with your credentials on your given email id.  

Registration requirement

Any factory or establishment with more than ten employees (or 20 in some states) must register for the ESI scheme. Nowadays, companies must register themselves in the ESIC mandatorily within fifteen days of its applicability dates.

The employer registered under the scheme has to contribute about 3 percent of the employees’ total salaries. On the other hand, employees have to contribute about 0.75 percent of their monthly salary every month. However, if the employees’ pay is less than Rs 176 per day are not required to pay any contribution.


 ESIC registration is compulsory for all employers whose company or firm has more than ten employees working for them.

For the employees to get benefits from the schemes as individuals, specific eligibility criteria need to be met. The below criteria are given by the ESI governing body and are in motion:

  • An employee must be employed in a firm with more than ten employees.
  • The minimum wage limit for the employee has to be Rs 21,000 per month, and Rs 25,000 per month for a person with a disability is required to register for the ESI scheme.


There are several benefits the ESI scheme provides to its registered employees. These benefits attached to the ESIC registration are as follows:

Sickness and Health benefits – The insured will get all the money for their health expenses.

Retirement Benefits – After retiring from a job, the medical and all the other benefits will still be given.

Deceased or permanently disabled Employee – In case of the death or disability of the employee, 90 percent of their salary will be paid to their family monthly.

Unemployment Benefits – The insured unemployment benefits will be given to the registered person for three years.

Maternity Benefits – The insured soon-to-be mother gets three months of paid leaves as maternity leave.

How to do esic portal application login?

The ESIC portal application login is a straightforward process. Once done with your registration, you can go for the login to see your profile and dashboard. Either the employer or employee login portal can be accessed through the official website of the ESIC. How to log in for both portals is given below.

esic portal application login for employer

 The login process for the employer is no rocket science. Follow the procedure below, and you can successfully log in to your employer portal.                                                                                                

  1. Visit the ESIC official website.
  2. There, search for services option. Click on it.
  3. Go to the Employer section and choose the Employer portal option.
  4. Now you have to grant permission to open a new window for the portal.
  5. On the portal, there will be an option to go for the login on the right side. Tap on it.
  6. The login credentials will already be with the employer, enter them and proceed with the login.
  7. Now, if you are logging in the first time, it is advised that you fill out all the details that might be required in the future about yourself and your family.

ESIC Portal Login Process for Employee

 The employee ESIC portal login process is similar to an employer’s. Moreover, there is a slight difference. Thus, here is the complete procedure for logging in to the employee portal.

  1. Simply click on the following link, which will directly take you to the login portal for the employees.
  2. This portal can be opened in any browser. So, fill out the insurance number in the username box, which was already provided to you after the registration.
  3. Enter the captcha from the below box.
  4. Click on the login.

Once logged in, you can see all the contributions you and your employer made. You can also update your information there and claim different types of benefits of the scheme.

How to pay esic portal application e challan?

 We have explained very elaboratively how you can pay through the ESIC portal application and get your E-challan here. Go through the steps below, and you will get what you need.

  1. First, start with going to the ESIC portal.
  2. At the bottom, you will find the link button saying Pay e-challan. Click on it.
  3. A pop-up will appear in a new window.
  4. Move towards the e-challan Payment form.
  5. Fill out the ESIC employer code and other necessary details if required.
  6. Complete the verification and generate your challan.
  7. Go through the payment online to complete the process, or you can print the challan to go through offline payment.

How can I check my ESIC payment status?

First, you must have your e-challan to check your ESIC payment status. If you do not have that, then either you did not pay, or your payment failed. Once you have the e-challan, follow the steps to see your payment status, or you say to double verify your payment if you have gone offline mode.

  1. The process starts with going to the ESIC portal.
  2. In the portal, search for the double verification page.
  3. There enter your ESIC challan number that will be present on your e-challan.
  4. You submit the form, and then you can check your payment status. Also, don’t forget to double verify the e-challan too.


How can I get an ESIC card online?

You can easily get your ESI card or pehchan card online. Just follow these simple steps to get your card:

  • Go to the ESIC e-pehchan portal. There click on the e-Pehchan card in the Employee section.
  • Enter the employee insurance number and then tap on the view button.
  • Click on the View counterfoil option, which will be present under the registration employee details,

Your e-Pehchan card will be visible on the screen in front of you. Now, you can either download or take the printout of the card.

What is ESI registration?

Every employer/factory and every employee who works for the wages are recognized for the purposes of the Scheme through registration, and personal records are created for each of them. Hence, registration helps the governing body keep track of all the employees who will get the benefits.

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