Latest Enaira wallet app [2024] How to Use Enaira wallet?

What is Enaira wallet app?

Enaira is a novel digital currency formed and maintained by the Nigerian Bank. The app in store promises faster and more secure digital money exchange.

Both Android and iOS platforms have the app in the store for those who wish to download and install it. Already fifty thousand installations are done through the Google Play store alone for the app.

How to Enaira wallet app download?

Enaira wallet app

Use Google Play store for Android devices, and iOS platforms use the Apple appstore to download and install the Enaira speed wallet app.

How to use Enaira app?

To use the app, you might have to undertake certain preferred steps. The below given process can be used initially till you are acquainted with the app’s uses and features.

  1. Choose a bank from the list of banks presented.
  2. Add the details like your name, birth date, state of origin, and also your email. Your BVN enrolment details must match your eNaira details.
  3. You can use funds from your bank, mobile wallet, send and receive money through banks and manage the digital currency using the app.


  1. Using a unified payment system works perfectly fine for the system.
  2. Checking balances and transaction history is easy with the eNaira wallet.
  3. Payment mode can be contactless forever.
  4. Peer-to-peer payments are allowed through the app.
  5. Anybody can hold an account globally from anywhere in the world.

Enaira app reviews

Despite two lakh downloads on the first day, still, the eNaira app was pulled down from the Google Play store. The app is still safely running in the apple appstore, and reviews are fair for the app here. People downloading it from the Apple appstore can use the app and even register on its platform. Registration was the main issue many people cited while trying to use the app. Massive negative reviews turned up on the newspaper for the app, and the app was pulled down in no time. It is not known still if the app was removed by Google or by the developer.

But some users claim to have successfully registered into the app.

Is Enaira app safe?

It is safe to use the eNaira app, but currently the app is not present in the Google Play store. The issue for pulling down the app was not its safety parameters but its registration parameters. Only the speed merchant wallet was available for download.


To conclude, the eNaira app is the best in the Nigerian market and comes with the promise of a new digital currency. Anyone interested can read more about it here before proceeding to download the app.

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