How to Embed Image into Discord (Complete Guide)?

Are you interested in not just uploading your images on Discord but Embed them as well? In that case, we have got some tips that could be of great help to you. There are a plethora of ways by which you can enhance your Discord experience to make it more fun and interesting. One of those ways is to be able to embed images on Discord.

If embedding sounds a little complicated for you, well it won’t be anymore. We are here to bring you the easiest ways to do so. How? Good question! Keep scrolling to feed your curiosity….

What is discord embed?

embed in discord

For starters, Embed in Discord, is a Discord message component that has special formatting and structure. This “special formatting and structure” can be used to make data look more organized and presentable. It’s a no-brainer that this option on Discord helps make the user’s experience better to send various types of media with ease.

Can you embed image on discord?

If you can embed videos and links in Discord, then images are not an exception. So, the answer is yes! You can not only embed images on Discord but do a whole lot more. But for today, we will be sticking to just ‘embed image on discord’ discussion.

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How to embed image into discord?

To embed images in Discord, you need to use the Discord Webhook. This will allow you to use an image in Discord embed with ease. Alternatively, you could also use Discord Webhook Guide codes to enable the Discord image embed option. Just a gentle reminder, if you use the Webhook Guide code, you would not be able to resize the image. You will need to access the Discord Webhook to create a Webhook and then paste the code below into the description.

Discord Webhook Guide Code to Embed an Image


  “embeds”: [{

    “image”: {

      “url”: (here you add the image link you intend to embed)




Python Code for Embedding Image in Discord.

python code for embed

embed = discord.Embed(title=”Title”, description=”Desc”, color=0x00ff00) #creates embed

file = discord.File(“path/to/image/file.png”, filename=”image.png”)


await ctx.send(file=file, embed=embed)

Can you embed multiple images on discord?

Do you want to embed multiple images on Discord and want to send them all at the same time? If that’s what you’re wondering, then the answer is YES

However, you should know that there are some limitations to it. 

First Option

You could use the properties of both the image and the thumbnail, which will limit you to two images. And these are being displayed differently.

Second Option

With the second option, you could use the Webhook messages which allow up to ten images to be sent on one single click 

The following code will help:-

const client = new Discord.Client();

const hook = new Discord.WebhookClient(, webHook.token);

client.on(‘ready’, () => {




client.on(‘message’, async (msg) => {

  if ( { return; }



let webHook = {

  token: “token-webhook”,

  id: “id-webhook”


let img = [




function sendImage() {

  let embeds = [];

  embeds.push(new Discord.RichEmbed()

          .setTitle(‘First Messages’)



          .setFooter(‘Pulled time:’));

  embeds.push(new Discord.RichEmbed()

          .setTitle(‘First Messages’)



          .setFooter(‘Pulled time:’));

  hook.send({embeds: embeds});



  .then(() => console.log(“We’re in!”))

  .catch((err) => console.log(err));


Can you embed videos in discord?

Embedding in Discord allows you to circulate videos, images, links, and even emojis. So, the straightforward response is YES! It is very much possible to embed videos in Discord. If you want to embed a video on Discord, you must make a note of all the video formats Discord accepts. With that said, Discord may accept the sharing of every video file format. But it isn’t the same when it comes to embedding a video in Discord. Acceptable formats when sharing a video for embedding on Discord are MP4, WebMD, or MOV formats. You can also embed FLAC Files, but only in the Desktop version of Discord.

Why can't I see embeds on discord?

There are a handful of reasons why you are not able to see your embeds on Discord. It could be possible that the preview embed feature on Discord is turned off. Or you do not have enough permission to embed messages or links in discord. Also, there may be some server issues you will need to look into. 

Final Words

Generally, embedding images on Discord is quite fun and easy. That is if you know where to get it done and how to get it done. We have given you some tips and codes you can use to do so. This is sure to make things pretty easy for you!

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