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What is Ecom genie app sesco?

An online store that can help you increase your company’s web sales levels. With it, you can choose to run businesses and expand the whole company’s sales.

Ecom genie, on one hand, promises to bring customers grand products and on the other hand wishes to collaborate with product makers giving them access to high-profit margins.

The site has a decent shopping cart, good payment gateway integrations, decent order management and is compatible on the mobile.

The site also has a scalable infrastructure and has standard report and analytics alongside a standard logistic integration. Overall, the site is competent enough to handle a heavy consumer flow as well.

What is ecom Genie App

How to use Ecom Genie App?

Using the Ecom Genie app is very easy. All you have to do is follow a few steps.

  • From your browser, click on the Ecom genie link.
  • Further, create an account with them with your chosen password and username.
  • For sellers, once the deal is negotiated you can choose to load your products into the site on your own or you can take the help of the Ecom Genie partners.
  • If you’re a buyer, you can start buying products of your choice easily and it works like any other eCommerce site.
  • Once you have selected your products it is sent to cart.
  • From the cart, you can request delivery of the products once payments are settled.


Several features of Ecom Genie which bring the sight to light includes;

  • As an eCommerce site it has an easy user-friendly interface.
  • It is a legitimate site that is visible through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Safari and others.
  • A clean dashboard with access to pay instalments and packages.
  • They have a good customer service facility, for anything you can give a call to the numbers mentioned on the website.
  • They also have standard payment gateway integrations.
  • The site has appropriate order management tools and scalable infrastructure.

Is Ecom genie app legit?

The site is a legitimate one and performs well. A few tests have been already run on the site and the reports confirm the site is performing well in terms of all parameters which were studied to prove the site’s legitimacy.

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