e-SHRAM card registration online Odisha Guide

What is e-SHRAM card?

E-SHRAM card is a significant development towards the upliftment of the labor class. It is a unique identification number offered to every laborer and worker in the country belonging to the unorganized sector.

The card is put in place by the Ministry of Labor and Employment under the able guidance of our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Collecting information about different people working in this sector is easy with the help of this UAN.

e shram card online registration

Developing and granting various schemes for these sectors will become more accessible, and the massive in-between money losses can be prevented. The money approval and deliverance process is eliminated, and people can collect any due amount meant for their welfare directly from the government.

How to e-SHRAM card download pdf?

Downloading the e-SHRAM card is going to benefit the laborers in the unorganized sector.

Here’s how you can create and use it-

  1. Visit the e-Shram portal (e-shram.gov.in) and click on new registration.
  2. After the registration process is complete, enter your mobile number to obtain the OTP number.
  3. Add the OTP number to complete the mobile verification process.
  4. Next, add the Aadhar number and then complete the OTP verification process.
  5. Once done, download the UAN card by clicking on the download tab.

How to apply for e-SHRAM card registration online Odisha?

The e-SHRAM card online apply self-registration remains the same across all states. It is an online process and does not require any special office visits.

how to apply for e shram card
  • Use a web browser to type in the website link: https://www.eshram.gov.in/.
  • From the home page, find out the tab which reads Register for e-Shram.
  • The applicant is directed to register.eshram.gov.in/#/user/self, where you will have to prove and declare your identity.
  • Their mobile number linked to their Aadhar card must be added to the self-registration page.
  • Confirm you are a human and not a robot by completing the Captcha.
  • Additionally, you must also tell them if you are a member of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) or Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC).
  • To complete the registration process, users need to add their bank account details and other important information.
  • Once done, simply click on the Submit tab and then wait for the registration confirmation.

e-SHRAM card Eligibility

For e-Shram card registration online apply, check if you fit in by comparing the eligibility requirements below.

e shram card registration requirements
  • The worker applying must not be paying income tax even though there are no specific income slabs for e-Shram card applications.
  • The individual must be aged between 16-59 years.
  • The laborer must have a bank account, Aadhar card, and an Aadhar linked mobile number.

e-SHRAM card Benefits

  • Accidental death cases can get two lakh rupees compensation.
  • Partial handicaps can receive a lakh as compensation.
  • Social security scheme benefits can be enjoyed under this scheme.
  • Bima Yojana insurance cover and one year of premium waiver are also given.
  • Applying for jobs through the portal is also possible for the workers seeking employment.


Here’s a little about e-Shram cards, and if you or your near or dear ones are thinking of applying for this card, use this small article to your benefit. Learn the important points about the e-Shram application from here.


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