E Pik Pahani app: How to Use e-pik Pahani online Maharashtra

The E-Pik Pahani app is part of an online pilot project which involves six Tehsils of Maharashtra. It helps implement the e-crop survey program by the Tata Trust Foundation.  The crop-sowing information can be incorporated using the app for record purposes.

The purpose of keeping this record revolves around the generation of crop-sowing reports. It is directed towards providing crop insurance and settling crop inspection claims easily. Using the information present in the app, inspection of these facilities can be taken up.

How to E-Pik Pahani app download?

e pik pahani app download online maharashtra

Download the E-pik Pahani app from Google Playstore online is free for all over India Including Maharashtra .

Install App

How to use E-Pik Pahani online Maharashtra?

The program is actively pursued in six places- Achalpur, Wada, Phulambri, Kamathi, Dindori, and Baramati. Using the e-Pik Pahani app online in Maharashtra, these few steps can help you. 

  • Fill in the mobile number of the farmer in whose name the lands are registered.
  • In the next segment enter the name of your district, taluk, and village.
  • Enter the farm registration name and number.
  • Now confirm the mobile number and verify it by adding the OTP you received on your phone.
  • Next, add a suitable username and password.
  • You can add information and details of your plot and bondage etcetera.
  • Add your image, and specify the farmer’s gender, full name of the person along with the registered mobile number.
  • Finally you will reach a place where you have to add every detail about the plot or land under the farmer’s name.

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E-Pik mahabhumi gov in Portal

E-Pik Mahabhumi government portal is a two-way process for E-Pik Pahani to retrieve information from the Mahabhumi government portal online. The Mahabhumi portal shows the number of active registered landholders in a certain area like Maharashtra.

Demo app Features

  • The app can allow twenty registrations in a single app installation.
  • Using the app users can also retrieve and share data with the Mahabhumi app.

How does E-Pik Pahani Application works?

The app works online to reduce the load on the village accountants. It also allows the execution of a clean process and helps maintain data accuracy and adequate information.

  • The app allows tracking facilities every hour.
  • The app records reporting of self crops and incorporates crop data and their stages.

Is E-Pik pahani App Beneficial?

Yes, the app is beneficial for conducting inspections of the area. The app also helps contact farmers who need help with their insurance claims. The Tata trust can also benefit farmers in many ways by studying the data collected by the app.


 The app works with the help of Tata Trusts. Keeping the self-track of the crops is essential. Allowing others to see the crop’s development through different stages helps maintain transparency between the government and the farmers. Those farmers who use the app can resolve issues faster and get paid more quicker.

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