How to Install Drunk lyrics Game App? Play Now on iPhone

When you are sitting idle, there can be anything better than online games to entertain you. Drunk lyrics game is part of the same crowd that allows you to enjoy it for free. No need for registration or signing up like other websites ask you. 

Wondering how you can enjoy this drunk lyrics game, then keep reading till the end. 

What is the drunk lyrics game app?

Install Drunk lyrics Game App

Drunk lyrics game was recently launched and has become the most popular app across the internet. It is compatible with Android devices above 5.0 versions. It neither asks you to register nor pay any time, making it the most favorite among users. 

How to play Drunk Lyrics Game on iPhone?

After you have installed the game on your iPhone, you can start playing. 

It allows you to play individually or in a group. 

There are specific rules of the game that you have to keep in mind while playing.

There are a set of cards out of which your opponent picks one. It will contain a word from which you have to start a song. Similarly, you and your opponents will continue the process alternatively. Within 30 seconds, you have to complete as many cards as possible to get the highest score. 

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How to download Drunk lyrics Game App?

  • Click on above download button, you’ll land on the download page.
  • Now press the download button so that the APK will start the process. 
  • Now navigate to your file manager and then look for the APK file.
  • Click on the file to get the application.
  • Now you have the Drink Lyrics Game App on your device, which you can start playing with a single touch.

Is it Legit?

The app is entirely safe and legal to install as well as to play. Many users are using the app, and we have not received any significant complaints to date. Make sure to use it for a few days and see how your device works before investing in it. 

Is Drunk Lyrics App Free?

It has both free and premium features but allows you to enjoy it to different levels. If you’re satisfied and want to level up your experience, you can invest. Or you can keep enjoying the free one without paying anything.


This game is too much fun to play online. This pandemic has given a vast space for such apps to grow and become famous because we constantly search for new entertainment while sitting on our couch. After a tiresome day or boring meetings, you can cheer yourself up with this latest arrival.

Google may not verify this game so that you can rely on third-party apps. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to enjoy the game without any interruption. 

Stay tuned till we bring more interesting information for you.

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