What is Dr b Covid Vaccine App? Is Dr b Standby List Legitimate?

Dr B Covid app was launched in January and is right now in a standby mode.

Dr B vaccine match online list and the app claims to be capable of solving two problems. 

  • Getting appointments for appropriate vaccination.
  • If a person books up a slot for a vaccine and does not turn up to take it.
dr b covid app how to use download

How to use Dr B Covid app for vaccination?

To use the Dr B Covid vaccine app, follow the below steps;

  • Users have to download the app on their desired location.
  • Once downloaded the app asks its users to incorporate a few details like;
  • Enter complete name
  • Upload contact information
  • Details related to the priority ranking scheme for vaccination like;
  • Occupation
  • Medical risks, if any

If there is ever an extra dose of a vaccine, that is not claimed by the person for whom it was booked, Dr B leftover vaccine drive can help one of the users registered with Dr. B’s app

This app will send out a message to all those registered users who are nearby the centre where that extra dose can be found.
The alert sent out is as per the priority ranks commissioned by that particular state or jurisdiction.

A 15-minutes window period is given to the registered users to claim the dose. 

How to download Dr B app?

Downloading Dr B app is possible either on the user’s iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play store) mobile device.

For Android;

  • Go to the Download section of the Google Play store and start the download.
  • Once downloaded, users can find Dr B app in the “Downloads” section.
  • You can also click on the Google Play store download button provided on the official Dr B site.

For iOS;

  • Go to the Apple Play store.
  • – From the Search tab, find out the Dr B app.
  • – After download and installation, simply log into the app and fill in the requisites.

Dr B standby list for leftover covid vaccines

Once registered in the site, users would be in standby mode. Usually, the vial is active only for six hours after it is thawed.

Whenever, notification is issued for an unclaimed vial, it is circulated by Dr. B’s app to all the registered users from that particular area where the vial is available.

Is Dr B standby list legitimate?

Is Dr. B legit in terms of the standby list? Yes, it is not only legitimate but absolutely free to use. 

Once signed up, the app would send notifications whenever there is a vaccine match with Dr. B’s registered users from a site. 

Users need not wait in long queues anymore with this app in action. 

Additionally, those who could not enlist themselves with the government stand a fair chance to get the vaccine whenever a registered user does not turn up for it. 

Usually often users are found to have booked more than one slot for the vaccine. That’s when they don’t turn up for some leaving room for other unregistered people present in the Dr B standby list.

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