How to USE Dollar general app [2024] Reviews & Coupons

The Dollar General App Corporation is an American variety store chain headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. There are over 16,278 Dollar General stores all over the United States and it was originally founded in 1939 by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner.

They specialize in selling apparel, home décor, cleaning supplies, health & beauty products, pet supplies, toys, grocery along with seasonal items. They have more than 143,000 employees and have reported annual revenue of $27 billion.

What is a Dollar general app?

How to use dollar general app download

The Dollar General chain is no longer just a retail outlet now as it has launched its own DG app for Android & iOS.

The app has some splendid features and makes shopping easy for its customers via mobile apps. There are numerous categories in which you can shop from DG Pickup.

App Features

The Dollar General application offers the following splendid features:

  • Cart Calculator to keep track of your expenses while shopping.
  • Digital Coupons to help you save big while shopping.
  • A shopping List helps you organize your shopping needs.
  • Weekly Ads keep you informed about offers and rewards.
  • DG GO! Select stores let you scan and shop directly.

How to Use the Dollar general app?

Here’s how you can use the Dollar General app:

  • Download the DG GO! App and enable Bluetooth and location services along with the internet.
  • Log into your DG account and then allow location permissions.
  • Further, add your payment method.
  • Next, visit the nearest DG GO! Store and pick up items and scan them while adding to your basket. Any digital coupon and sales will be automatically applied to your purchases.
  • You can directly pay with your credit or debit card.
  • After this, you can receive and then scan the QR code on the DG GO! checkout counter.
  • Finally, you can collect the products in your bag and receive the bill via your app or email.

How to download dollar general app?

You can download the Dollar General app from Google Play for Android smartphones and App Store for iOS devices.

App Reviews

Dollar General customers have found this app useful, time-saving, and money-saving.

The app is safe to use. The app offers a DG GO! A feature that lets people quickly scan and checkout options available in select stores.


The Dollar General application offers several digital coupons and weekly ads that can help you save a lot on your purchases.

You can enable push notifications to receive exclusive offers and save big time every time you make a purchase.

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