Does Winco accept Apple Pay (Complete Guide 2024)?

Winco food is one of the leading supermarket chains with multiple stores worldwide. It is now successfully running all across the globe. It has a great focus on community involvement and customer service. Winco food is known for the variety of food products offered by it. In this article, we will discuss whether Winco accept

Apple Pay or not. We will also know about other payment methods that Winco accepts besides Apple Pay. 

Does Winco accept Apple pay?

Winco accept Apple pay?

Winco does not accept Apple Pay. Winco does not prefer Apple Pay for making transactions. Winco is a bit of a traditional app, and it will take some time to be ready for Apple pay.

 However, Winco accepts payment through credit and debit cards. Even if Winco allows the IOS operating systems to make the payment on Winco, then it will allow debit and credit cards in starting, then it will Apple pay. 

But people are still determining where the future will lead. The decline of Apple pay might be that it was not widely accepted when it started, and due to reputation issues and lack of trust in Apple pay, Winco didn’t accept apple pay as a default payment method. 

You will be surprised to know that Winco accepted credit in 2010 while they were sure they would successfully set it up as a brand. 

Apart from Apple Pay, Winco accepts other payment-making platforms. We will discuss it further. 

What payment method does Winco accept?

Winco food has provided several options rather than credit cards or cash. We will know about them. These payment methods are as follows:

  • Debit card: Winco accepts a wide range of debit cards from their users. And Winco has tried its best to cover all the debit cards. Winco accepts master cards, visa cards, and discovery. A debit card is an electronic payment method; you have to swipe the card and enter the P.I.N. for security purposes. 
  • W. I. C vouchers: W. I. C is a program launched by the government to make food available to pregnant mothers, young children, and new mothers. Winco accepts W. I. C vouchers on a wide range as it is Winco’s policy. 
  • Cheques: Winco’s customers can use their business or personal cheques to make the transaction, but the cheques must be pre-approved by Winco food before applying to make the payment. To make the transaction, the customer has to give their phone number or email I.D. if there is any issue in payment through the cheque. Winco can consult the customer if they find any issues.


Winco does not allow Apple Pay to transact on its web or app. Winco still doesn’t accept any contactless payment. Winco did not want to take the risk. That’s why it still needs to invest in contactless payment platforms.

 But it does not mean it will not allow any contactless payment on  Winco. It will allow it, but it takes a little bit of time. It will also prefer Apple Pay as the default payment-making platform. 

Maybe in the future, Winco will start accepting Apple Pay, but it has yet to be available. Winco accepts payment methods like visa cards, MasterCard, cheques, and W. I. C vouchers. 


Does Winco food take Apple cards?

Answer: The short and simple answer is No. It does not accept any payment through IOS operating systems products. For transactions, you can use other payment methods like debit cards or cheques. 

Does Winco accept Google Pay?

Answer: Winco does not accept Google pay. It only accepts cash and cheques. It doesn’t accept any contactless payment method.

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