Does Walmart take Apple Pay in Stores/Online (2024)?

Apple Pay has become the highly used payment method in America. Over 133 million Americans are iOS users, and most of this population uses Apple Pay because of its convenience and security. In addition, a survey reveals that 16.2% of America’s population currently uses Apple Pay posthumously.

Therefore, many retail departmental stores such as Target, CVS, and Costco accept Apple Pay. One such big retailer in America that captures most of its market is Walmart. So, let’s learn more about its payment methods and if Walmart will take Apple Pay in-store in 2024.

Does Walmart accept Apple Pay in-store?

Walmart take Apple Pay

As mentioned, Walmart is America’s most prominent retail department store that offers everything. It is the one-stop destination for purchases. Walmart even provides international goods, household items, and electronics. 

At present, there are 4700 Walmart stores in the United States. But unfortunately, it doesn’t accept Apple Pay as its Payment Method. Additionally, Walmart is not taking any other contactless payment method, such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

However, one good news for Walmart lovers is that you can install Walmart Pay and make payments from there. Walmart believes they have initiated a more convenient payment option for customers, so why use other NFC technology? The alternative is Walmart Pay. 

Although you cannot pay for your favorite items at Walmart via Apple Pay in stores, you can rely on Walmart Pay. So now, let’s consider whether you can pay Walmart through Apple Pay.

Does Walmart take Apple Pay online?

Post-pandemic has increased the popularity of digital wallets in America, especially Apple Pay. Also, most Americans today use iOS devices, enabling them to rely on Apple Pay, one of the most secure payment methods. 

Also, as paying via digital wallets is contactless and quick, even retail stores are gradually adopting Apple Pay and other similar alternatives. Nobody can overlook Walmart when it comes to retail stores in the United States. It is a colossal brand that offers a variety of items both in-store and online.

The online Walmart store offers significant discounts to customers and is convenient to use. However, you might wonder if you can pay for the items purchased from the Walmart online store via Apple Pay. 

You cannot pay via Apple Pay to Walmart’s online store. The company doesn’t accept any NFC payment method except Walmart Pay. Regardless of how convenient and secure Apple Pay makes your transactions, currently, Walmart only accepts Walmart Pay. 

Despite many requests from regular Walmart customers, the company has yet to make plans to allow Apple Pay as the online payment method shortly. So now, we’ll understand if Walmart takes Apple Pay Cards.

Does Walmart allow Apple Pay cards?

Apple has reinvented the complete credit card system by introducing Apple Credit Card. Your Apple Digital Wallet in the form of a stunning card. It makes your transactions safe, reliable, and straightforward. So, let’s walk you through some critical aspects of the Apple Pay card.

  • Apple doesn’t charge any fees.
  • The tools ensure you pay fewer interest fees.
  • Apple’s advanced technologies enable immediate credit card opening without impacting credit scores. 
  • Rigorous authentication methods such as Face ID and Touch ID. 
  • It enhances your security as Apple Card is linked with Apple Pay.
  • Every purchase earns you cashback, discounts, coupons, and rewards.

These above reasons are convincing people to opt for an Apple Credit card. However, Walmart doesn’t accept Apple as any form of payment method. So, you can’t purchase items from Walmart with an Apple Credit card. 

Let’s further learn if Walmart accepts Apple Pay for money orders. 

Does Walmart have Apple Pay for money orders?

Walmart has introduced money orders for people who want to pay the bills but are not equipped with a checking account. It is typically a prepaid check. Also, it is cheaply available, plus Walmart widely gives its access to its customers.

Walmart’s money order price ranges from store to store. However, the average charge by all stores is at most $1. So, for example, if you buy $500 items at Walmart, you must initially pay $2.20. In the future, you must clear dues via Debit Card only. 

Coming back to the question of whether Walmart takes Apple Pay for money orders, then the answer is no. You can make the initial payment via cash, credit, or debit card. Nevertheless, later, Walmart accepted the total amount paid through Debit Cards only.

So, you are not eligible to buy money orders from Walmart using Apple Pay. Now, let’s understand how to use Apple Pay at Walmart. 

How to use Apple Pay on Walmart?

Sadly, you cannot purchase anything from Walmart through Apple Pay as it doesn’t accept it as its payment method. Walmart is not receiving any other digital wallet because they want to push customers to use Walmart Pay. However, still many customers are requesting Walmart to begin accepting Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay has been efficient since 2014, and research demonstrates that it is accepted by 90% of departmental retail stores in the US. 

Using Walmart Pay is undoubtedly convenient and fast and earns you rewards from Walmart, but it needs to be more popular. Also, many people still need to learn about Walmart Pay. 

Walmart facilitates customers to use its payment method to track payment history and transactions and provide Walmart coupons. 

Only some stores in Canada might accept Apple Pay, as Walmart received this payment method in 2020. So, let’s also see what other Walmart’s payment methods are.

Walmart Payment Methods

Below are the payment methods that Walmart accepts.

In-store payment methods (debit or credit cards):

  • Visa card
  • Discover card
  • American Express Card
  • Discover or Novus Card
  • Cash
  • Gift cards

Money order or check payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Bank cheque

Online payment methods:

  • Walmart Pay
  • Credit or Debit cards
  • Gift cards

These are the only payment methods you can use to shop at your nearest Walmart store or online. Customers also remember that Walmart only accepts certified bank cheques for money orders.


So, you cannot use Apple Pay to pay for your favorite items at Walmart or online. Walmart only accepts its contactless and cashless payment method, i.e., Walmart Pay. It is similar to any digital wallet and ensures quick payment. You must scan the QR code at the checkout section and complete the payment.

We can only hope that Walmart will heed its customer’s requests and accept Apple Pay in all its stores.


What time does Walmart close?

The doors to the Walmart store open at 6:00 am and close at 11:00 pm. So, you can hit the store anytime between these hours. 

Is Walmart open on Thanksgiving?

Walmart store is closed on Thanksgiving. Thus, you cannot visit any of the Walmart stores.

Does Walmart have a tap to pay?

Walmart doesn’t have any contactless or NFC payment options. You can only pay via Walmart Pay, Credit or Debit Card, and Cash.

Does Walmart take Google Pay?

Walmart doesn’t take Google Pay in its store or online as a Payment method. Instead, it only accepts Walmart Pay.

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