Does Venmo show your real name or username?

Venmo is considered a person-to-person payment processing application. It is used to send money and receive money online. Venmo has become one of the popular ways to pay money to your friends online for things like drinks, dinner, etc.

However, it is a good way to send and receive money safely. As people are starting to use Venmo these days, they raise many questions about their privacy concerns on Venmo.

The common question in people’s minds is, Can others see their name on Venmo? Can they see their money amount on every transaction? If you are also one of the users on Venmo and think about these questions, then you should read the complete article tills it ends.

Does Venmo show users real name or username?

Yes, according to the default setting of Venmo, it shows your real name. Venmo shows your real name, similar to a social media app for payments online. It means that other people can also see your recipients, transactions, comments, or any timestamp you made. The only thing that keeps private is the money you sent during the transactions through Venmo.

If you want to avoid showing your real name on Venmo, you must set up your private Venmo account. This way, only your recipients can see your real name, transactions, etc.

Does Venmo show your name on the bank statement?

Venmo shows your name on bank statements when payments are made to your Venmo account through your bank., your bank account will reflect the transactions made from your Venmo account to your bank account. It is possible only if your bank account is linked to your Venmo account.

However, Venmo transactions are not shown on your bank statements if you pay money to someone through your Venmo wallet.

It is also important that you know that Venmo does not show the name of the person who paid you on your bank statements. According to default settings, your bank statements do not consist of the real name on Venmo transactions. Also, its privacy policy of Venmo mentioned that they could not give you information directly about the other Venmo account.

Do you have to put your real name on Venmo?

As we tell you, Venmo is considered a federally regulated money transfer service, meaning you must verify your identity on Venmo. They can collect the legal name when you sign up on Venmo, so you can start your identity verification process, which is an important step in the user account stages.

But Venmo also understands that users do not want to show their real name to others on their profile, so they can use any of the names in the options on your display on the Venmo app.

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Can you make your name private on Venmo?

Yes, you can easily make your name private on Venmo. As we tell you, your name is showing on Venmo, according to the Venmo default setting. But in most cases, the users want to avoid showing their real name on their profile, so here is the solution for you.

You can easily make your name private on Venmo by enabling the private setting on Venmo. You must change your default privacy settings on Venmo so your name status, transaction details, and future payments are set automatically according to your preferences.

To change the privacy setting on the Venmo website, you must first log in to the official website. Go to settings, then privacy, and choose your preferred privacy settings. Make the change according to you, and tap to save the settings.

If you open your Venmo app and want to change your default setting, you should go to the “Me” tab, click on settings, then go to privacy, and choose your preferred default settings.

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How to hide my name Venmo App?

Here are the simple ways to change your Venmo privacy settings and keep your name hidden on the Venmo app

1. Open the Venmo app or online website,, and click on three line icon in the upper right section.

2. Go to settings, click on the privacy option, and set the default setting of Venmo to private.

3. It can keep your future transaction details and name private from other Venmo users unless you change the setting again to default.


I hope you understand the default Venmo settings and learn how to change the Venmo default setting to hide your details and payment details from other users.


Can I use a fake name on Venmo?

No, you are not using a fake name on Venmo because this app always asks users to verify their legal name with the proper documentation. But it is also said that you can use something other than your username or legal name on Venmo.

Does Venmo show your phone number?

Yes, Venmo shows your phone number according to the default setting. If you want to keep your phone number hidden from other people, you have to turn off the default public settings on Venmo. 

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